Ronald Krongold

Board of Directors

Ron Krongold was born in Clarkesburg, West Virginia and moved to Miami in the late 1950’s. Ron attended the University of Florida, Florida State University and University of Miami. He has undergraduate degree in Business, Accounting and a graduate degree in law (Juris Doctorate). Ron and his wife Glenda have 4 daughters.

Ronnie began his business career developing real estate properties in the late 1970’s in Miami-Dade County and was ranked among the top single-family developers in Florida. He his company Gold Krown has built owned and managed a diverse portfolio of properties including warehouses, shopping centers, office building and such. Inc. Recently a Krongold company, Gold Krown Fidelity, LLC, along with its partners, Beztak (a Michigan based real estate company) Jeb Bush and Associates, purchased the Midtown Miami Condominium development.

Gold Krown is the developing partner of the Parrot Jungle of Watson Island ( , now known as Jungle Island. This is the first new attraction built in Miami over the last 20 years and will see close to 1,000,000 visitors a year.

Ron was the President and Chairman of the Board of CORNER SHOT a joint Israel-U.S. venture which developed a devise manufactured in Israel which is a solution for a soldier to shoot around corners without exposing himself ( . In additon to Gold Krown L.L.C., Mr. Krongold owns majority interest in and acts as CEO for a number of successful operating companies.
Ron has been active in Jewish Community life for over 35 years. Ronnie and his wife Glenda support “JAFCO” whose mission is to care for abused and neglected children and those with disabilities in the Jewish community and to work in partnership with families and the entire community. In 1979, Ron and Glenda along with a group of young couples from various cities throughout the United States and Canada were asked to visit Washington D.C. to form a group to be known as the “New Leadership for Israel Bonds”. In 1983, Ron became International Chairman of New Leadership and led a group of 120 people to Israel for a 14 day trip. Among the young people in that group was Jeb Bush and his wife Columba. This was the start of the Governor’s long running affiliation with the Jewish State. After serving as International New Leadership Chairman, Ron became the Southeastern Chairman of the Israel Bonds Campaign and then Vice-Chairman of the national campaign

In 1985, at the request of a Jewish activist and publisher Phil Blazer, Ron called upon Jeb to intercede with his father, the Vice President, on behalf of approximately 1,000 Ethiopian Jews who were starving and dying in camps in Ethiopia. Thereafter through the efforts of the Vice President and a group of concerned Jews, the majority of the Ethopians were rescued and flown to Israel by the United States government.

In 1990 Ron traveled to Russia, before the fall of Communism, along with then CEO of Bonds Meir Rosanne , Michael Siegal (who is now the chairman of the Board of Trustees of The Jewish Federations of North America) and six other Israel Bonds leaders to help with the extraction and settlement of Jews from Russia to Israel.

Past Member of Board of Directors of the Miami Jewish Federation, Board of Directors of South Dade Jewish Community Center, Board of Anti-Defamation League, Board of Directors of Ziff Museum, Board of Directors of Ben Gurion University, Member of Israel Chamber of Commerce, Board of Foundations of Jewish Philanthropies of Greater Miami Jewish Federation, Member of Board of Directors and Treasurer of the High School in Israel, and Member of Board of Directors of Bar Ilan University.

Presently serves on:

The National Board of Israel Bonds.
The Dade County Board of Israel Bonds
Appointed by President George Bush to serve as a member of the Holocaust Memorial Council and severed 11 years on the Board.

Ronnie is the recipient of the David Ben-Gurion Peace Award, City of Peace Award, Israel Solidarity Award, Jerusalem Peace Award, Israel Bonds Jerusalem 3000 medal, Tower of David Award and Golda Meir Leadership Award.