Thank You, RJC Members!

This year, the Jewish community, and indeed all Americans, engaged in an important and serious debate about the future of our country. While we are disappointed by the election results, the RJC is very proud of the role we played in raising critical policy issues in the Jewish community and participating in this debate to an unprecedented degree. Our wonderful members and volunteers were the crucial element in everything we did this year, and we thank you!

RJC volunteers devoted substantial time  - nearly 5,000 hours total - to phone banks, door-to-door literatures drops, and sign waving sessions  in the swing states of Florida, Nevada, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. RJC members made over 425,000 phone calls to Jewish voters in our four target states and hundreds of volunteers hand-delivered literature to over 100,000 Jewish homes in highly concentrated Jewish neighborhoods in those states as well.

RJC members "liked" us on Facebook, shared our links and videos through email and social media, and brought friends and neighbors to RJC events around the country (over 450 events so far this year), to grow and strengthen our incredible network of Jewish Republican activists.

We could not have run the effective and impactful ground game we did in the four swing states without the hard work, dedication, and passion of our RJC volunteers.

All of that was in addition to the substantial outreach effort the RJC carried out as an organization. We invested over $8 million in that effort, which included running our "My Buyer's Remorse" ads on broadcast and cable television -- ads that were noted for their effectiveness and accuracy. We ran print ads in Jewish newspapers that raised important issues for Jewish voters to consider and sent four mailers to over 2 million households. Our "Obama, Oy Vey!" billboards appeared along major routes in South Florida.

The web site was an important platform for our message. The RJC also produced a 9-minute mini-documentary on President Obama and Israel entitled Perilous Times, which has been viewed over one million times.

These aggressive efforts by the RJC - and polling numbers over the last year showing the erosion in Pres. Obama's level of support in the Jewish community - forced Democrats to devote massive resources to reach out to the Jewish community in swing states. Despite their efforts, exit polling shows that President Obama lost significant Jewish support this year compared to 2008.

We can all be very proud of what we accomplished this year as an organization -- thanks to the tremendous work of our members around the country, we made a real impact in the Jewish community in 2012. Clearly there is more work ahead of us, and we ask our members to stay strong and continue the fight with us in the months and years ahead.