Biden Admin. Institutes Israel Boycott Policy

Washington, DC – The Republican Jewish Coalition released the following statement from National Chairman Senator Norm Coleman and CEO Matt Brooks in response to the Biden administration’s decision to cut scientific and technological cooperation in Judea and Samaria:

The Biden administration’s shortsighted foreign policy reached a new low today.

By returning to the Obama-era policy, with its prejudice against Israeli control of Judea and Samaria, Biden is clumsily re-politicizing an issue that never should have been politicized to begin with. This move will negatively impact millions of Jews and Arabs who rely on access to services that provide healthcare, education, and living wages.

This is yet another example of Biden's adherence to Obama's anti-Israel Mideast policy. 

Whether it is pleading with the terrorists in Tehran for a bad nuclear deal, ceding diplomatic ground in the Middle East to China, or releasing an antisemitism policy that undermines efforts to codify a clear and comprehensive definition of antisemitism, the Biden administration continues to be a delight for far-left radicals and a deep disappointment to mainstream pro-Israel supporters.