Democrats: We The People Who Condition Aid To Israel

RJC Comments on Day One of the Democratic National Convention

Washington, DC -- Tonight, Democrats will kick off their convention by highlighting Senator Bernie Sanders, one of the most prominent members of the Democrat Party's rapidly-growing caucus of elected officials advocating for conditioning aid to Israel. 

Sanders is a frequent critic of Israel, calling Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government “racist” and denouncing life-saving  security policies that are supported by Israeli political parties on both the right and left, parties that together garnered nearly 80% of all votes in Israel's most recent free and democratic elections. 

Considering their presidential nominee, Joe Biden, once threatened Prime Minister Menachem Begin with cutting off US aid to Israel, his choice of highlighting Bernie Sanders in his campaign leadership is no surprise.

Also speaking tonight is Senator Catherine Cortez-Mastro, who is one of the largest recipients of money from the J Street PAC, an anti-Israel organization that has led the effort to convince Democrats to back conditioning aid to Israel.

Rounding out the night are Congressman Jim Clyburn and Congresswoman Gwen Moore, both of whom have gladly met with anti-Semite and Adolph Hitler admirer, Louis Farrakhan.  Both have been given ample opportunity to repudiate Farrakhan and chosen not to.

The Democrat Party's rapid drift away from bipartisan support for Israel is deeply concerning to the vast majority of Americans who support Israel. That is why the Republican Jewish Coalition will not let Democrats sweep their Israel hate under the rug or allow them to paper over their failed and disastrous foreign policy decisions, like the Iran nuclear deal. 

The RJC will be giving live reaction to the Democrats' convention every night, setting the record straight and refusing to let Democrats hide their anti-Israel voices and the growing anti-Semitism in their rapidly-growing Left wing. You can follow the RJC's live coverage all four nights on Twitter at @RJC.