How to Help Israel


Dear RJC Members:

There are many opportunities to help Israeli soldiers and civilians during this difficult time. We encourage you to consider giving your support to the following organizations:

Friends of the IDF provides badly needed equipment and support services to Israeli soldiers. 

Friends of Israel Disabled Veterans/Beit HaLochem cares for Israeli servicemen and women wounded in the line of duty who are now disabled. The organization raises awareness and operating funds for a broad range of social, cultural and sports training programs; offers scholarships; develops new initiatives; and provides specialized adapted equipment for the Beit Halochem centers.

Galila supports communities near Israel's border with Lebanon and Syria. Right now they are purchasing and distributing a wide range of emergency medical equipment for civilian rescue teams, sending thousands of dry food and hygiene personal product baskets to soldiers on bases in the Galilee, and providing emergency funds for immediate and urgent assistance to individuals and families in need.

IDF Widows and Orphans Organization is the the representative body for widows and orphans at the legislative level in Israel and to the wider public, and through year-round programs, projects and activities it offers emotional, social, financial, and any other necessary support to the families of fallen IDF serviceman and women.

Israel Emergency Support Fund has partnered with key organizations on the ground in Israel to bring a variety of support services for the injured and displaced victims of the Hamas attack and for the soldiers going out to defend them. 

Jewish National Fund is engaged in a variety of actions to support the Israeli population, including aiding evacuees from communities in the south, providing equipment for first responders, helping with the harvest in place of farmers called up for the reserves, and much more.

Magen David Adom's paramedics, EMTS, first responders, and first-aid providers provide lifesaving assistance to the injured and ill in Israel.

Nahal Haredi supports haredi (religious) soldiers throughout their military service. With thousands of haredi young men now volunteering to join the IDF, their efforts are more important than ever.

PizzaIDF brings pizza and other favorite foods to Israeli soldiers at bases all over the country, to show them the love and support of people all over the world.

Reut-Sderot works with communities in southern Israel by strengthening community ties, imparting leadership skills, and offering support services that assist youth and families to overcome and manage trauma, deal with social and emotional hardships, and surmount academic challenges.

Soroka Medical Center in Be'er Sheva has been caring for people injured in the Hamas attacks and needs help to acquire essential medical equipment. 

Thank Israeli Soldiers looks to the physical, mental, and emotional needs of Israeli soldiers. Since October 7, they have provided thousands of emergency kits featuring daily critical essentials that IDF soldiers and reservists need during times of war.

The Koby Mandell Foundation helps bereaved mothers, fathers, widows, orphans and siblings who have lost loved ones due to an act of terror and other tragedies to rebuild their lives and create meaning out of suffering.  

United Hatzalah volunteers use specially equipped motorcycle ambulances to bring lifesaving emergency medical treatment anywhere in Israel within minutes. 

Zaka is the volunteer-based organization that specializes in search, rescue and recovery operations during emergencies and terror attacks. It also provides emotional support to victims and their families. 


We’re looking for person-to-person, volunteer, low-overhead assistance projects in Israel to recommend in the future. Do you know of one? Send an email to [email protected] with their name and URL or contact information. Thanks!