Iran Deal Withdrawal One-Year Anniversary: How Did Left-Wing Jewish Groups Get Their Predictions So Wrong?

On the one year anniversary of President Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Iran Nuclear Deal, the Republican Jewish Coalition calls on left-wing Jewish groups, including J Street and the JDCA, to explain how they got their predictions on this and other pro-Israel foreign policy decisions of President Trump so wrong. RJC Executive Director Matt Brooks released the following statement:

It has been one year since President Trump withdrew our country from the Iran deal, a move that the Israeli government continues to support. Iran is still the most destabilizing force in the Middle East, but now their economy is severely crippled. President Obama gave Iran billions of dollars in American cash and relief from sanctions that resulted in well over $100 billion for the Iranian economy. Meanwhile, Iran was violating the deal by refusing to allow inspectors access to military facilities that contain nuclear-related laboratories. Most importantly, the deal only delayed Iran from legally producing a nuclear weapon until the next decade. Obama also refused to address the repressive regime’s funding of terrorist groups that killed more than 600 American soldiers in Iraq. Obama neither forced Iran to shutter its ballistic missile program nor requiredIran to recognize Israel’s legitimacy and permanence in the region. Today, President Trump has built a Middle East coalition, including Israel, to oppose Iranian aggression, and the new economic sanctions have made the mullahs weaker at home. Left-wing Jewish organizations, including J Street and the JDCA, opposed President Trump’s decision to withdraw. Now it is time for them to explain why they were so wrong and unable to see that this move would bolster our standing with Middle East allies while crippling the Iranian economy.

This isn’t the first time these groups have been embarrassingly wrong about President Trump’s foreign policy. They should explain to their members and the media why they were so wrong about President Trump’s decisions to recognize Israel’s choice of Jerusalem as its eternal capital of the country, to move the US embassy to Jerusalem, and to recognize Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights. They incorrectly said that these moves would hurt US and Israeli standing in the Middle East and would lead to large-scale violence against Israel. The truth is that Israel has better relations with its Middle East neighbors than ever before, and the United States remains a trusted ally of stable Middle Eastern countries. Iran today continues to fund rocket attacks and terrorist activity against Israel, just like it did during the Obama years, and it has helped to crush the people of Syria. Furthermore, Arab states aren’t mobilizing against Israel, in fact news reports show that Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, Oman, and the UAE are cooperating with Israel in ways rarely, if ever, seen before.

The truth is, these left-wing Jewish groups made these predictions because they hate President Trump, despite the fact that he’s the most pro-Israel President ever. They think they will never have to account for their utterly indefensible predictions of the impact President Trump’s foreign policy has on the world. The media and the Jewish community must not let them get away with it.