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Brooks: Hagel Likes Ike - For the Wrong Reason

Thursday, January 31, 2013By: RJC Executive Director Matthew BrooksIt turns out that Chuck Hagel is a great admirer of President Dwight Eisenhower. Unfortunately, what Hagel most likes about Ike was arguably Eisenhower's least admirable act--his bullying of Israel and his demarche to Britain and France, all in the service of...

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RJC Releases New Ad: Say "No" to Chuck Hagel

Quotes Jewish leaders' and elected officials' concerns about Hagel's record on Israel, IranRJC Urges Senate to Vote No on Hagel nominationWashington, D.C. (January 24, 2013) -- The Republican Jewish Coalition today released a web ad quoting prominent Jewish leaders and elected officials who have expressed serious concerns about Chuck Hagel's nomination...

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RJC ACTION ALERT: Tell your Senators - Vote "NO" on Hagel

ACTION ALERTTO: RJC MembersFROM: RJC Legislative Affairs CommitteeSUBJ: Tell Your Senators: VOTE "NO" on HAGELPresident Obama has nominated former Senator Chuck Hagel to be Secretary of Defense. The RJC strongly opposes this nomination because of Chuck Hagel's troubling record on Israel, Iran, and other issues.* 2013 is the critical year...

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Hagel Nomination Shows Obama's True Intentions with Israel

Choice is a blow to U.S.-Israel relations and Obama's relationship with Jewish communityRJC Urges Senate to Vote No on HagelWashington, D.C. (January 7, 2013) -- The Republican Jewish Coalition today expressed its strong opposition to President Obama's decision to name former Senator Chuck Hagel to be...

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RJC: Pew Poll Shows Large Ideological Gap in American Sympathies for Israel or the Palestinians

Conservative Republicans support Israel by 42 points more than liberal DemocratsWashington, D.C. (January 3, 2013) -- The Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC) today noted a recent poll by the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press that shows the continuing large gap in support for...