September 9, 2022
Election Day 2022 is less than 60 days away!
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Welcome Back to Notes from Norm!

During the Fall of 2020, I set out to share my observations about the congressional elections that sometimes were overshadowed by the presidential race. I offered my "Notes" on a weekly basis through Election Day and followed up with some commentary on the Georgia Senate run-offs.

Now, RJC has invited me to once again share my thoughts on this year's critical mid-term elections every Friday during the nine intense weeks of campaigning that lie ahead.

It's an interesting moment to take stock. The GOP is smarting from tough losses in close special elections in New York and Alaska. In recent special elections (the ones the GOP won as well as those we lost), Democrats have overperformed when measured against their 2020 benchmarks. It's apparent that some of that is a reaction to the Supreme Court's Dobbs ruling on abortion.

So it's clear now if it wasn't before that we will need to fight hard to accomplish our goal of retaking the House and the Senate. Please make a contribution to the RJC PAC to help us win back our congressional majorities!

The good news is that Republicans are still heavy favorites to reclaim the House. Reapportionment and redistricting have turned enough blue seats red to erase Nancy Pelosi's tiny majority. Republicans are determined to win a more robust majority, though, so we're taking the fight to Democrats who hold seats Biden carried by narrow margins. Most of our targets are incumbents, so it won't be easy, but competitive primaries have elevated impressive challengers who are prepared to go toe to toe with the Democrats who have supported the Biden administration's failed policies.

The fight for the Senate is at least as intense, given that Republicans only need a net gain of one seat to reclaim the majority. In most of the key Senate races, the GOP standard-bearer is a first-time candidate for office. Control of the Senate will likely be determined by how well these newcomers perform in the face of an onslaught of Democrat attacks.

In the weeks ahead, we'll be examining the individual races for House and Senate. I hope you'll find these "Notes" to be helpful in understanding the dynamics shaping these all-important contests. And of course, your contribution to the RJC PAC will help us provide support for these races.

To victory,


Senator Norm Coleman | RJC National Chairman

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