September 30, 2022
Election Day 2022 is 38 days away!
Republican Jewish Coalition

Notes from Norm

I'm sure you've seen the emails from candidates and political action committees asking for support ahead of a critical deadline tonight. Sometimes, the "deadlines" touted in these emails are artificial, but the September 30 deadline is genuinely important.

At the end of every quarter, candidates and committees must report to the Federal Election Commission on what they have raised, what they have spent, and how much money they have in the bank. As we head into the home stretch of this year's critically important midterm elections, this information is vital to understanding which candidates/committees will be able to get their message out and which will be drowned out in the campaign's most intense phase.

We’re officially in the Red Zone and that’s why we’re asking for you to help our efforts right now. We’ve already raised and contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to candidates in the most competitive House and Senate races, but with your help, we’ll be able to give them even more. This is my most important ask of this election cycle – please support the RJC PAC.

In addition to your support of the RJC PAC, your support of individual candidates via the RJC PAC Portal before tonight’s deadline is also critically important. In the most competitive races, campaigns may be outspent by party committees, but candidates get discounted advertising rates, so their expenditures go further toward the goal of reaching voters. Outside spending can be very helpful, but candidates who cannot effectively fund their own campaigns rarely win.

The RJC PAC Portal is the best and easiest vehicle for you to support individual candidates and I thought I’d provide a refresher on how it works and its importance to our overall mission.

What is the RJC PAC Portal?

The RJC PAC Portal is a web site the RJC launched in 2018 that enables our members to donate directly to Republican members of Congress and candidates. Since launching the portal during the 2018 Midterm Elections, we’ve raised over $3.5 million for candidates and our Republican friends in the Senate and House.

Why should RJC members donate through the RJC PAC Portal?

When you donate through the RJC PAC Portal, your contribution goes directly to the campaign you select, and the campaign will recognize and acknowledge your individual donation. Because you make the donation through the RJC PAC, the campaign also knows that you’re an RJC member who cares about the RJC’s priority issues. That makes your donation a force-multiplier.

How does a RJC member donate via the RJC PAC Portal?

It’s SUPER simple. Visit and search by name, or filter by chamber of Congress (House/Senate), state, and/or our endorsee list. Select the Republicans you would like to support and follow the prompts to make your donation(s). RJC staff members are also happy to walk you through the process if you run into any issues. Contact your RJC representative or email [email protected].

The branded financial bundling provided by the RJC PAC Portal is critical to letting our friends in the House and Senate know that the Republican Jewish community has their backs!

One of the portal's best features is the ability to create a “DonorID” via Anedot, which is the payment processor the portal is built on. The DonorID is a free service provided by Anedot that allows RJC members to:

  • view their donation history
  • manage their recurring commitments
  • and update payment methods

This is such a helpful feature so our members can easily track and manage their political giving all in one place. You can create an Anedot DonorID for the RJC PAC Portal here.

Once you have created your DonorID, go to your email inbox and confirm your email address. Your donations will not appear in your DonorID until your email address has been confirmed. After that, all of your donations on the RJC PAC Portal will live in your account and be easily trackable.

So many RJC members have already used the new RJC PAC Portal, and we hope you will check it out as well!

Wishing you an easy and meaningful fast next week.

To victory on November 8,


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