RJC Calls on All Americans to Support Israel During the Ongoing Attacks from Hamas

Washington, DC – On the recent attacks by Hamas against Israel, the RJC released the following statement from National Chairman Senator Norm Coleman:

Today we call on all Americans, regardless of political party, to rally in support of Israel after it suffered a new, extended round of terrorist attacks from Gaza, perpetrated by Hamas and Islamic Jihad. We must also stand behind President Trump and Ambassador Haley as they renew diplomatic efforts to get the UN to take action against Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and their financial backers, Iran.

Israel has shown unbelievable restraint and resolve in defending itself against this ongoing barbarism. While the Israeli military uses all possible caution in precision strikes to dismantle Hamas and Islamic Jihad’s offensive capabilities and root out their leadership, the terrorists have done the complete opposite. Yesterday, the world watched as Hamas and Islamic Jihad fired over 160 mortars and rockets indiscriminately at Israeli civilians, even hitting a kindergarten. When it comes to defending our ally, the only democracy in the Middle East, party affiliation shouldn’t matter. That is why we urge all Americans to voice their support now.