RJC Condemns Biden’s Abandonment of Israel at the United Nations

Washington, DC – The Republican Jewish Coalition released the following statement in response to the Biden administration’s disgraceful abstention on United Nations Security Council resolution 2728.

RJC CEO Matt Brooks said:

Prior to today, President Biden had adhered to the long-standing bipartisan understanding that as Israel’s stalwart ally, America must use our veto in the UN Security Council as a shield to thwart the Jewish state’s unreasoning adversaries in the United Nations Security Council. He let it be known that he didn’t agree with President Obama’s decision to green-light the infamous anti-Israel UNSC 2334 in the waning days of that administration. 

That’s why today’s abstention on UNSC 2728 marks a new level of betrayal by this President and an ominous new low in the bilateral US-Israel relationship. 

Biden’s UN team failed when they tried to pass their own Gaza War resolution that linked any ceasefire demand to the release of Hamas’s hostages. The resolution passed today severs that link, making its reference to hostages a diplomatic afterthought. 

As a stunned Israeli government spokesman noted, Biden allowing 2728 to pass is a complete reversal on a critical matter of substance in the space of less than a week. It’s no surprise that Hamas is celebrating the diplomatic victory Biden enabled. Their evil hostage-taking tactics seem to be paying off.

Biden must be called out for his ineffectual UN diplomacy before it does any more damage to the security of our critical ally Israel and to the long-standing strategic relationship that has massively benefitted both countries.