RJC Deeply Concerned About Biden Plan to Return to JCPOA

Washington, DC – Republican Jewish Coalition Executive Director Matt Brooks expressed deep concern today at reports that the Biden administration is taking early moves toward returning the US to the Obama-Biden nuclear deal with Iran, the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA). Brooks said:

And so, it begins: The Biden administration said today that it is ready to meet with Iran and other signatories to the dangerously flawed 2015 Iran nuclear deal. The US also eased travel restriction on Iranian diplomats at the UN. We’re already making concessions to Iran even before Iran comes into full compliance with the JCPOA. The Biden administration is reverting right back to the counter-productive policies of the Obama-Biden years.

Before taking a single step toward returning to negotiations with Iran, we should be insisting that Iran fulfill their existing international obligations. Iran must be transparent about their nuclear weapons program, cease their illegal ballistic missile program, end their funding of terrorism, and stop holding hostage innocent citizens of the US and our allies.

President Trump rightfully pulled the US out of the terrible JCPOA and reimposed sanctions on Iran to curb its ability to develop nuclear weapons and support terrorism. It would be an historic mistake for the Biden administration to pursue an Iran policy based on weakness and concessions, rather than one based on the position of strength established by the Trump administration. We need a better deal, one that fixes the flaws in the JCPOA and ensures Iran’s compliance, not a return to the JCPOA. The Republican Jewish Coalition strongly opposes President Biden’s intention to return us to that incredibly dangerous deal.