RJC Elects New Board of Directors Members

Washington, DC – The Republican Jewish Coalition announces that Congressman Lee Zeldin of New York, Joshua Katzen of Massachusetts, Gabriel Groisman of Florida, and Larry Levine of Texas have been elected to the RJC Board of Directors.

RJC National Chairman Norm Coleman said:

It is a pleasure to welcome our newest board members, each of whom is an accomplished, dedicated American patriot, and a strong defender of the US Jewish community and of Israel.

On behalf of our entire Board, I look forward to working with these new Board members as we grow and enhance our capabilities leading into the 2024 elections.


  • Lee Zeldin has represented the people of New York’s First Congressional District since 2014, as one of only two Jewish Republicans in the US House. His background in the military, in law, in the New York State Senate, and on Capitol Hill has given him a wealth of experience in public service. While his campaign for NY governor fell short, Lee’s tremendous outreach across the state is credited with helping several GOP House candidates in New York over the finish line and into a Republican-majority Congress.

  • Joshua Katzen of Newton, Massachusetts has worked tirelessly for decades to advocate for Israel and a strong US-Israel relationship and to fight antisemitism and media bias. He is the co-founder and publisher of the Jewish News Syndicate (JNS.org).

  • Gabriel Groisman has just completed a term as mayor of Bal Harbour, Florida, after having served on the city council. He is an attorney and consultant who focuses on fighting against antisemitism and BDS, strengthening the Jewish community, and building bridges between Israel and the US.

  • Larry Levine of Houston, Texas is a real estate developer who cares deeply about national security, education, and the threat of a nuclear Iran, among other issues. He has been an RJC leader for nearly 25 years.