RJC Holds Events with Rubio, Oz, and Walker

What an amazing 10 days it’s been for RJC leaders, members, and volunteers!

First, RJC Florida hosted a leadership discussion with Senator Marco Rubio in Aventura, led by RJC National Chairman Senator Norm Coleman.

Time after time, Senator Rubio has been a champion on issues that are top priority for pro-Israel voters, and RJC Florida is fired up to support his re-election campaign. Click here to support Senator Marco Rubio!

Next, RJC Pennsylvania hosted a pro-Israel community event with GOP nominee for U.S. Senate Dr. Mehmet Oz in Philadelphia, where Dr. Oz was formally endorsed by RJC Board of Directors member Ambassador David Friedman.

The ballroom was absolutely packed and the energy was electric as Dr. Oz laid out his vision for the U.S.-Israel relationship, combating Iran, and the future for Middle East peace. Click here to support Dr. Oz for Senate!

Finally, RJC Georgia was joined by GOP nominee for U.S. Senate Herschel Walker in Sandy Springs.

Attendees proudly waved “Jews for Herschel” and “Herschel - הרשל” rally signs as Walker took the stage and discussed the competitive state of his race against anti-Israel far left radical Raphael Warnock. Click here to support Herschel Walker for Senate!

As we get closer to the Biden midterm elections in November, grassroots engagement in key battleground states is more critical than ever. Right now, RJC Victory Team volunteers are conducting targeted Jewish outreach in states that will determine which party controls Congress - like Florida, Pennsylvania and Georgia - to turn out Jewish voters in support of Senator Rubio, Dr. Oz, and Herschel Walker - and we need your help! Please sign up to volunteer with the RJC Victory Team today, as we continue building upon the successes of the last 10 days.