RJC Launches Major $750,000 Independent Expenditure Campaign in PA-07

Washington, DC - The Republican Jewish Coalition Victory Fund released a new, hard-hitting ad on Philadelphia broadcast television targeting Democrat Susan “Wildly Out of Touch” Wild (PA-07). The ad buy will be $750,000.

RJC Executive Director Matt Brooks said:

The Republican Jewish Coalition is proud to support Lisa Scheller for Congress to represent the people of Carbon, Lehigh, Monroe, and Northampton counties - an area of Pennsylvania that has been severely underserved by elitist Democrat Susan “Wildly Out of Touch” Wild. While Susan Wild robotically spouts D.C. talking points that the Biden-Pelosi economy is “booming”, the voters in Pennsylvania’s 7th congressional district know that’s simply not true - historic, skyrocketing inflation is hurting Pennsylvania families from the grocery store to the gas station - and politicians like Susan Wild are part of the problem.

This broadcast television ad with a significant buy of $750,000 will reach key voters throughout Pennsylvania’s 7th congressional district to expose Susan Wild’s aloofness and her support for the radical Biden-Pelosi agenda that’s driving inflation and devastating hardworking families.  

The ad, titled “
Booming”, targets elitist Democrat Susan Wild for being wildly out of touch with voters of Pennsylvania’s 7th congressional district. 

Click here to view the full :30 ad “Booming."

Voiceover: Susan Wild thinks this economy is working for middle class Pennsylvanians.

Susan Wild: “The economy is booming.”; “We’re in really good shape.”

Voiceover: Good shape?! Susan Wild is a liberal elitist who voted with Nancy Pelosi 100% of the time. Together they created policies that have caused inflation. Causing prices of groceries and energy to skyrocket - devastating working families. 

Susan Wild: “The economy is booming.” 

Voiceover: Susan Wild. Wildly out of touch. RJC Victory Fund is responsible for the content of this advertising.