RJC: Poll Shows Dramatic Drop in Jewish Support for Biden and the Democrats

Washington, DC –– Republican Jewish Coalition Executive Director Matt Brooks responded to media reports of a new poll showing a significant drop in Jewish voters’ approval of President Joe Biden. Biden’s approval rating among Jewish voters dropped a whopping 17% from a similar poll last July.

Brooks said:

President Biden’s numbers are down everywhere because his presidency is a resounding failure. From Afghanistan to Iran to China, Biden’s foreign policy has been simply awful. At home, the historically high inflation rate, rising crime, the destruction of America’s domestic energy capabilities, and the botched response to the Covid pandemic have badly hurt American families. The Biden presidency has been a disaster for this country, and thoughtful Jewish voters are coming to realize that.  

The generic congressional ballot question in the Jewish Electorate Institute’s poll showed that Democrats are hemorrhaging Jewish voters - support for Democrats is down dramatically: -12% since last July.  

These results are especially striking considering that the questions and question order in JEI’s poll are skewed to produce pro-Democrat results. When a reliably Democratic outfit publishes a poll showing such an embarrassing drop in Jewish support for Democrats, you can just imagine what an unbiased poll of the Jewish community would show.  

This poll reinforces the ongoing trend of Jewish voters abandoning the Democrats and moving toward the GOP. We saw this very strongly in the Jewish vote for President Donald Trump in 2020, when, according to network exit polls, Trump won 30.5% of the Jewish vote nationally and an historic 42% of the Jewish vote in Florida, a key battleground state. We expect this trend to continue in the midterms, in the 2024 presidential election, and beyond. 




Correction: The previous JEI poll was from July 2021, not May as stated in the original release.