RJC Releases New TV Ad in PA-8 Against Matt Cartwright

Washington, DC - The Republican Jewish Coalition Victory Fund announced a significant $450,000 independent expenditure, releasing a scathing new ad on broadcast television targeting embattled Democrat Matt Cartwright (PA-08).

RJC Executive Director Matt Brooks said:

The 2022 battle for Congress runs directly through the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. With public polling and outside spending in PA-08 neck-and-neck, RJC’s new broadcast television ad targeting Pelosi Puppet Matt Cartwright will make the decisive difference in this majority-making congressional district to fire Nancy Pelosi from the Speaker's chair once and for all.

After being in Washington for nearly a decade, it’s clear Matt Cartwright is wrong for the hardworking families of Pennsylvania’s 8th congressional district. The voters of Northeast Pennsylvania deserve a Congressman as good as its people - not one who’s having his strings pulled in Washington, D.C. by Nancy Pelosi 100% of the time.

RJC is proud to support Cartwright’s opponent, Jim Bognet, for Congress in PA-08. A small business owner, born and raised in Hazleton, PA into a blue-collar family, Jim Bognet is exactly the sort of conservative political outsider the people of Northeast Pennsylvania need to tackle inflation, reduce rising crime, and fix the catastrophe at the southern border, all exacerbated by the reckless Biden-Pelosi-Cartwright agenda.

The ad, titled “Voted”, hammers Pelosi Puppet Matt Cartwright for putting illegals and criminals ahead of the hardworking families of Pennsylvania’s 8th congressional district.

Click here to view the full :30 ad “Voted.”


Voiceover: They murdered innocent victims: Matt Cartwright voted to give them COVID checks. They came into our country illegally: Matt Cartwright voted to give them COVID checks, and taxpayer funded healthcare. Billions from our paychecks for illegals and criminals. Nothing for us. Cartwright flies a private plane. Votes with Pelosi one hundred percent of the time. Washington changed Cartwright. Now it’s time to change our Congressmen. RJC Victory Fund is responsible for the content of this advertising.