RJC: Second Debate Highlights Clear Choice Before Voters

Washington, D.C. (October 17, 2012) -- Republican Jewish Coalition Executive Director Matt Brooks commented on the second presidential debate last night:

"Last night's debate highlighted the choice facing voters this year. With specific facts and examples, Gov. Romney demonstrated that Pres. Obama's broken promises, inaction, and failed policies have 'buried' the middle class. Gov. Romney put forward his plans for sound, principled policies that will protect the middle class, encourage job creation, increase American access to our continent's rich energy resources, and grow the economy.

"Gov. Romney also reminded voters of Pres. Obama's failed foreign policies, which include the administration's response to the attack on our consulate in Benghazi and the distance the President has put between the U.S. and Israel. Romney outlined his plans for strong U.S. policies toward countries that threaten American security and economic strength, including Syria, Iran, and China.

"Pres. Obama could not defend his record, because in four years he has not accomplished what he promised and what America needs: more jobs, economic growth, and security. Gov. Romney has the experience and know-how to bring those things back and make America great again."