RJC: Statement on Democrats’ Failed Foreign Policy

RJC Comments on Day Three of the Democratic National Convention

Washington, DC -- Democrats don’t have a single foreign policy accomplishment to be proud of, so instead they are leaning into their failures. Tonight, Democrats will feature Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, and VP nominee Kamala Harris.

Kamala Harris would be a bright spot for today’s Democrats, having co-sponsored a Senate resolution to condemn the anti-Israel UN Resolution 2334 that Obama blessed and Joe Biden whipped votes for among Security Council countries. However, that would ignore the fact that Kamala Harris, when it seemed to be most politically convenient, turned her back on Israel and voted against anti-BDS legislation just last year. What is worse, Harris favors rejoining the disastrous Iran nuclear deal, the same deal that the UN confirms Iran is violating in every conceivable way. 

As President, Barack Obama made the worst deal in modern US foreign policy history. Iran got cash, sanctions relief, the ability to continue its illegal ballistic missile program and continue to be the world’s #1 state-sponsor of terrorism. In return, Obama secured UN inspections of some Iranian nuclear sites, but not others, and a delay in Iran building nuclear weapons for a few years - about the same amount of time it was going to take Iran’s scientists to figure out how to build the weapons in the first place. Iran got everything it wanted, and the world became less safe.

Obama, calling them the “JV squad,” also oversaw the rise of the ISIS caliphate that took control of huge swaths of Syria and Iraq, pulled off large scale terrorist attacks around the globe, executed Americans and other innocent victims, and became an existential threat to every US ally in the Middle East. The situation became so dire that President Trump made crushing ISIS one of his absolute top priorities. Instead of underestimating the enemy and leaving our allies vulnerable, President Trump went right to work crushing ISIS and killing their leader, al-Baghdadi; and today, ISIS is defeated - no thanks to Obama and his Vice President Joe Biden.

The second worst decision Obama made was making Hillary Clinton Secretary of State. As Secretary of State, everything Clinton touched turned into a disaster. Setting aside her involvement early on with the Iran nuclear deal, Clinton led the strategy that saw Libya devolve into sectarian violence, did nothing to address the burgeoning calamity in Syria, and naively pressed the ‘reset’ button with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov - she also did nothing while her own State Department employees were butchered in Benghazi. Obama and Clinton left quite the mess for President Trump. Luckily, the American people  chose the right person to clean it up.

Elizabeth Warren is presumably taking the stage to demonstrate Democrat foreign policy 2.0. This includes conditioning aid to Israel, ignoring the warnings about Iran from our Arab neighbors in the Gulf, and backing down to China. Speaking of throwing Israel under the bus, Speaker Nancy Pelosi will also be featured tonight. Maybe she can tell the country why she endorsed and donated $14,000 to anti-Israel, anti-Semite Congresswoman Ilhan Omar. 

Democrats will try to ignore the facts of their foreign policy failures; we won’t let them. Follow us tonight at @RJC to get the whole truth.