RJC Supports Fiscal Responsibility Act

Washington, DC – The Republican Jewish Coalition released the following statement from National Chairman Senator Norm Coleman and CEO Matt Brooks:

Over the weekend, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and his leadership team delivered a major victory for the American people.

Republicans promised voters that if they gave the GOP a majority in the House of Representatives, they’d hold Washington accountable and put the brakes on Democrats’ out-of-control, reckless spending. Even though Democrats still control the White House and U.S. Senate, Speaker McCarthy kept his members united and secured a deal that delivers on those key promises. 

While not a perfect bill, the Fiscal Responsibility Act critically avoids a default on the national debt while securing historic reforms: forcing the U.S. government to reduce spending year-over-year for the first time in over a decade, instituting new work requirements for welfare programs, cutting funding for Biden’s IRS army, and spurring domestic energy production by reforming the permitting process. And despite the Democrats’ best efforts, the Fiscal Responsibility Act includes no tax increases whatsoever.

With Speaker McCarthy’s leadership, Republicans are changing Washington - for the better.