Sestak Is Wrong

Retread Sestak (D-PA) continues antagonizing Israel

Washington, D.C. - On Tuesday, retread Senate candidate Joe Sestak (D-PA) gave an incredibly naive radio interview to Ed Schultz about Prime Minister Netanyahu's speech to Congress, Iran's nuclear program, and American-Israeli relations. In the interview, Sestak claimed that we have destroyed Iranian centrifuges and accused the Prime Minister of trying to pressure America into going to war with Iran for Israel's sake.

Sestak's comments pick up right where he left off in the House as one the chief antagonists of Israel. The capstone of Sestak's behavior came in 2010 when he signed the 'Gaza 54' letter, a mistake he was later forced to walk back.  

RJC Executive Director Matt Brooks said:

"In 2016 Pennsylvania voters have an easy choice between a retread candidate who antagonizes one of our greatest allies, Israel, or to reelect a Senator who works to forge solutions in the Middle East. Sestak, who has a history of inflammatory statements and actions on Israel, is already digging himself a hole in his race for a Senate seat. Sestak's claim about Iranian centrifuges is wrong and his allusions and insinuations about Netanyahu's intent are anything but senatorial."