The RJC Case Against Joe Biden in 2024

Washington, DC –  The Republican Jewish Coalition released the following statement from National Chairman Senator Norm Coleman and CEO Matt Brooks in response to President Biden’s announcement that he would seek re-election in 2024:

Joe Biden has made the United States weaker and Americans poorer.

Out-of-control inflation continues to hammer hardworking families, the southern border is in crisis, criminals terrorize residents on city streets as liberal prosecutors sit idly by, and our country is treated as a punchline on the world stage.

Notably, Joe Biden has been derelict in his duty to keep Jewish Americans safe, kowtowing to the most radical elements of his party and legitimizing ascendent far left voices. On Biden’s watch, antisemitic hate crimes have skyrocketed, while every single Democrat in the House of Representatives voted to keep antisemite Ilhan Omar on the critically-important Foreign Affairs Committee.

Internationally, Biden continues to undermine and endanger our friends and allies, who suffer the consequences of his humiliating incompetence. From the disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal, to allowing China to infiltrate our sovereign airspace, to eroding our special relationship with Israel, Biden administration fecklessness knows no bounds.

Our country deserves so much better from our Commander in Chief, and the RJC is committed to ensuring that Joe Biden is a one-term president.