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Republicans Stand Up Against Biden’s New Iran Deal

Senate Republicans this week warned President Joe Biden again that they would do everything in their power to stop the new Iran nuclear deal being negotiated in Vienna. Among other criticisms, the Senators expressed this concern:

“By every indication, the Biden Administration appears to have given away the store,” the statement reads. "The administration appears to have agreed to lift sanctions that were not even placed on Iran for its nuclear activities in the first place, but instead because of its ongoing support for terrorism and its gross abuses of human rights."

The Senators complained that the administration has adequately consulted with Congress about the deal. They also wrote:

"Unless Iran ceases its support for terrorism, we will oppose removing and seek to reimpose any terrorism-related sanctions," they said. "And we will force the Senate to vote on any administration effort to do so."


… "We strongly urge the administration, our Democrat colleagues, and the international community to learn the lessons of the very recent past," the lawmakers said. "A major agreement that does not have strong bipartisan support in Congress will not survive."

While the Biden administration may be obligated by law to bring an Iran nuclear deal to the Senate for its "advice and consent," per the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act of 2015 (INARA), there is concern that Biden will try to bypass congressional oversight.

With that in mind, Senator Bill Hagerty (R-TN) introduced the Iran Sanctions Relief Review Act of 2021. It currently has 40 co-sponsors, and it restricts the President's authority to unilaterally undertake certain actions with respect to Iran and increases congressional oversight of those actions.


Here's one reason Republicans are so set against the pending deal: it gives Russia a giant loophole to avoid sanctions that have been put into place because of its invasion of Ukraine. Adam Kredo at the Washington Free Beacon reports:

With a nuclear deal likely to be announced in the coming days, the Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD), a think tank critical of the agreement, says a new deal will allow [Vladimir] Putin to circumvent tough Western sanctions that have been put in place since Russia invaded Ukraine.


"Policymakers should understand why this deal will establish a sanctions evasion hub for Vladimir Putin based in Iran—dramatically undermining international attempts to halt Russia's invasion of Ukraine and deter further aggression," according to the document, which FDD has furnished to lawmakers in the House and Senate. "In addition to looking for a sanctions-free channel for trade, Russia might use this opportunity to learn from Iran’s decades of sanctions circumvention expertise and better prepare to offset future financial pressure from the West."

Further reading:

Ilan Berman - Fueling an Iranian comeback
The surging world price of oil, coupled with the Biden administration’s persistent plans to “reset” relations with Iran no matter the cost, has the power to fuel a revival of Tehran’s regional ambitions — and to significantly expand the threat it poses, both in the region and beyond it.


Adam Kredo - New Iran agreement would let Russia cash in on $10 billion contract to build nuclear site
Russia’s top state-controlled energy company is set to cash in on a $10 billion contract to build out one of Iran’s most contested nuclear sites as part of concessions granted in the soon-to-be-announced nuclear agreement that will guarantee sanctions on both countries are lifted.

Until Iran takes meaningful steps to end its pursuit of nuclear weapons capability, we must maintain and expand strong sanctions on the regime in Tehran and on states and entities that do business with it. President Trump's "maximum pressure" sanctions on Iran were working and must continue.

Tell your Senators and Congressman: Please don't let this existential enemy of the US and our ally Israel achieve its nuclear weapons goals. Oppose the Biden administration’s bad nuclear deal with Iran.

Please make your voice heard NOW!

Israeli medical equipment heading to Ukraine

Equipment for an Israeli field hospital set to be built in the western Ukrainian city of Mostyska is loaded onto a plane at Ben Gurion Airport, March 17, 2022. (Sivan Shahar/Anaba/GPO)

Israel Trying to Save Lives in Ukraine

The Jewish News Service reports on Israel’s efforts to mediate the Russia-Ukraine conflict:

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett spoke with Russian President Vladimir Putin and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky separately on Monday as the Israeli leader’s mediation efforts continued… Bennett has held several calls with both leaders as part of an attempt to help mediate a solution to the war. He has also offered to hold a peace summit in Jerusalem.


On Monday, Israel also announced that it will build a NIS 21 million ($6.4 million) field hospital in Western Ukraine to help treat refugees, which will be funded by the Prime Minister’s Office, the Foreign Ministry and the Health Ministry, with assistance from the Schusterman Family Philanthropies.

David May, writing at the Jerusalem Post, describes Israel’s efforts to help its Arab citizens and others escape Ukraine during the fighting:

[The Israeli government’s official Twitter account in Arabic,] Israel in Arabic’s pinned tweet from February 24, the start of the invasion, warns Israelis that the situation is dangerous and that they should leave Ukraine. The post linked to a website with specific instructions on how to exit. Israel in Arabic also tweeted the preferred border crossings Israelis should use, which crossings had Israeli officials stationed at them and how to reserve spots on buses to the border. To assist in evacuating Arabic-speaking Israelis, Israel dispatched its deputy consul in Turkey, Yara Shibli, a Bedouin, to the Ukrainian border… Popular Arab-Israeli media personality Eman Kassem Slimani praised Israel for rescuing hundreds of its Arab citizens from Ukraine, including many Bedouin.


… And Jerusalem helped others. Israeli medics assisted a Gazan who approached them after seeing the Israeli flag. Israeli medics aided an Iranian. Israel also facilitated the evacuation of east Jerusalemite students fleeing Ukraine, most of whom are Israeli residents but not citizens. A Syrian sent Israel a thank you note for helping him. In another instance, an Israeli official invited a Lebanese citizen to board an Israeli bus headed for the border. Similarly, Israel helped individuals from Morocco escape.


Republicans MUST win majorities in the House and Senate in 2022, and they need our help now!

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Short Takes

Biden to blame for rising gas prices

The Biden administration is offering nearly $1 million for groups to investigate alleged human rights abuses in Israel, the West Bank, and the Gaza Strip, an effort that will delegitimize Israel, according to sources who spoke to the Washington Free Beacon.




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