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Netanyahu to Address RJC Annual Meeting in Las Vegas

Haaretz has the news-breaking report:

Former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is slated to address the Republican Jewish Coalition Annual Leadership Meeting in November, the first time the Israeli leader has ever addressed the yearly confab.


The event, which will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada on November 18-19, comes weeks after both the Israeli election and the US midterm elections. Netanyahu, who may be in the midst of forming a governing coalition at that date, will appear via satellite in a fireside chat with RJC CEO Matthew Brooks and RJC Board Chairman Norm Coleman, who served as Minnesota's senator from 2003 to 2009.


"We are incredibly excited to once again be welcoming key GOP leaders to the RJC Annual Leadership Meeting in Las Vegas this November. Republican Jews from across the country will be celebrating big 2022 victories and ringing in the first 'kosher' 2024 cattle call of the presidential election cycle," said RJC national political director Sam Markstein.


Saying the RJC was "honored by [Netanyahu's] participation and engagement with our leadership," Markstein added that the former prime minister "will be addressing RJC at a consequential time: with the upcoming elections in Israel, Iran projecting itself more forcefully into the war in Ukraine with Russia, as well as the release of his new autobiography, My Story."

It's not too late to register for the biggest political event of the year! Click here for more information and to register.

The RJC’s Annual Meeting in Las Vegas is exclusively for current members of the RJC National Leadership. Leadership opportunities start at $1,000. More membership details are available here.

RJC in the News

The RJC’s efforts to get out the vote for Republicans in the most hotly contested battleground states continue to draw media attention. Here are some recent examples:


HAARETZ: Pro-Israel Groups Spend Big in Tight Senate Race Between Fetterman and Oz

The Republican Jewish Coalition’s Victory Fund, meanwhile, notably spent $1.5 million last month in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh markets, attacking Fetterman in ads aimed at the Black community. The ads, which will run through Election Day, mark the single-largest ever RJC Victory Fund spend on a Senate campaign.


The attack ad describes a 2013 incident, where Fetterman pursued and pulled a shotgun on an unarmed Black jogger, as "outrageous vigilantism" that is "absolutely disqualifying for someone wanting to be a United States senator."


…"John Fetterman’s actions betrayed the trust of the African-American community and demonstrated his abysmally poor judgment," RJC Executive Director Matt Brooks has said.


"To compound this outrage, John Fetterman – to this day – has never apologized to the victim, Christopher Miyares, to the Black community or to the citizens of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania,” he added.


Oz’s campaign co-chairman Jeff Bartos, who unsuccessfully ran in the Republican primary earlier this year, is a major figure in the Republican Jewish Coalition and spoke at a pro-Oz RJC event in August that saw former US ambassador to Israel David Friedman endorse the TV personality.


The RJC has held fundraisers throughout the state while doing grassroots engagement in the Jewish community.

Click here to support Dr. Oz for Senate.

HAARETZ: Ohio Race Set to Provide Rare Phenomenon: A Republican Jewish Lawmaker

Max Miller, a former Donald Trump aide who earned the latter’s enthusiastic endorsement, is expected to win his Cleveland-area race to succeed Rep. Anthony Gonzalez, who leaves Congress after becoming persona non grata after voting for Trump’s impeachment over the January 6 Capitol insurrection.


Should Miller take Ohio’s 7th Congressional District, he will join Tennessee Rep. David Kustoff as the GOP’s only Jewish members of Congress. (The other current Jewish congressman, Rep. Lee Zeldin, is standing as the Republican candidate in New York’s gubernatorial race.)


… Miller has earned the enthusiastic backing of the Republican Jewish Coalition. "After working on President Trump’s campaign in 2016 and as a senior official throughout the Trump administration, Max Miller became the GOP nominee to represent OH-7 in his first bid for public office," its endorsement stated.


"Max has been a supporter of RJC for years and a regular attendee at our annual meeting in Las Vegas. As a veteran of the US Marine Corps Reserve, Max supports American military preeminence to ensure peace through strength. A Jewish American himself, Max will stand up to antisemites in Congress like Ilhan Omar and be a steadfast defender of the State of Israel," it added.

Click here to support Max Miller for Congress.

JERUSALEM POST: In Nevada’s nail-baiter race, the Jewish vote could determine the winner

"We’re doing a lot," said Alan Hedrick, the RJC’s field director. "For the past couple of months, I’ve been working with the RJC, and we’ve had some local events to drive out the Jewish vote. We had a huge event with Adam Laxalt and Nikki Haley a couple of weeks ago. We did a ‘meet the candidates in the Sukkah’ event last week. We’ve been engaging people at a local level with door-knocking."


"I just got back from door-knocking today in Summerlin," he said. "Our data allows us to help target those who may be identified as Jewish voters. And so it’s been great to get out there and door-knock and try to engage the voters to motivate them to vote for Adam Laxalt and our other congressional candidates."


"Usually, I go with one or two volunteers, and we drive around to the different neighborhoods," Hedrick said. "The benefit is I’m very involved in the Jewish community. Sometimes, I’m knocking on [doors of] people who I see in shuls; sometimes it’s new people. And so we go and engage them about the issues that impact the Jewish community here in Nevada."


"Our messaging is that Iran is still looking to [acquire] nuclear weapons, and the Biden administration has already talked about proposing a new Iran deal," he said. "And in order to stop Iran, we need to have Adam Laxalt in the Senate. We need to have strong congressional leaders to stand up against the Biden administration to make sure Iran doesn’t get a deal and that Israel has the authority to decide what they do with their lands and to continue to support Jerusalem as the capital of Israel."

Click here to support Adam Laxalt for Senate.

JNS: Georgia’s US Senate race splits Jewish community on party lines

While Georgia is not known for its Jewish population, the state’s competitive Senate race is grabbing the attention of Jewish organizations on both sides of the political spectrum as Democratic incumbent Sen. Raphael Warnock and Republican former University of Georgia and NFL star athlete Herschel Walker face off.


… "Elections are about trends and trajectories—and the trend lines in the Georgia US Senate race are clear: This is a margin of error race, and Herschel Walker is on the rise," Sam Markstein, national political director for RJC, said. "This isn’t a surprise: Radical Raphael Warnock has been exposed as a rubber stamp for the disastrous Biden agenda—voting with Biden 96 percent of the time—that has resulted in skyrocketing costs of living, an unprecedented rise in crime, and foreign policy that has abandoned Israel and emboldened Iran.


"For months, the RJC has been working hard on the ground in Georgia—knocking [on] doors, making phone calls, sending text messages and organizing grassroots engagement events—to turn out the Jewish vote for Herschel Walker, which could very well make the decisive difference in this race," Markstein said.


… Markstein added, “Don’t forget: Warnock called Israel a 'land of violence and bloodshed' and even praised notorious antisemite Louis Farrakhan after Farrakhan called Jews 'termites.'"

Click here to support Herschel Walker for Senate.

Rep. Lee Zeldin on the debate stage earlier this week.

Zeldin Surging in NY Gov Race

Jewish Republican Congressman Lee Zeldin is running for governor in New York and the latest polls show him moving up on Democrat Gov. Kathy Hochul. The race has tightened, "maybe to low single digits," according to Politico.


The New York Times reports:

The narrowing margin tracks with recent surveys showing that fears about public safety and inflation have eclipsed abortion and the former president as make-or-break issues for voters, eroding Democrats’ support even in liberal enclaves like New York City and its suburbs, while rewarding candidates like Mr. Zeldin who have made crime the visceral centerpiece of their campaign.


…But for Democrats who are not accustomed to close statewide races in New York, some level of panic appears to be setting in — that Mr. Zeldin could flip Black, Latino and Asian voters worried about public safety, but also that other rank-and-file Democratic voters may simply sit the race out because of apathy about Ms. Hochul and her low-key campaign.

Zeldin’s performance in Tuesday night’s debate was masterful. Dan McLaughlin at National Review writes:

Zeldin never backed away from an inch of his own conservative record. He’s running as Lee Zeldin. That means he was comfortable blasting the “Biden travel agency” on immigration, calling for completion of the border wall, touting voter ID laws and defending his votes to object to Biden electors in Arizona and Pennsylvania, denouncing vaccine mandates, complaining about the pervasive smell of pot in Manhattan, and embracing the Supreme Court’s view of the Second Amendment.


…Zeldin has already accomplished something few thought possible: He has made a race of this and given hope to every Republican, conservative, or just-plain-tired-of-Albany independent. His debate performance ensured that more people who agree with him will know they have a choice. After that, it’s in the hands of the voters.

With so many races going down to the wire, YOUR vote makes a difference! Don't forget to vote!

Close Races Tightening in Key States

Senate races in several key states are coming down to incredibly tight finishes in the final two weeks before Election Day.


The Hill reports:

In Pennsylvania, Democratic nerves are rattling after an uneven debate performance Tuesday night by Democratic Lt. Gov. John Fetterman, whose race against Republican Mehmet Oz has tightened.


… [In Ohio,] recent polls have shown Republican J.D. Vance and [Democratic Rep. Tim] Ryan in a statistical dead heat.


… In Wisconsin, the CNN poll released earlier this week showed [Republican Senator Ron] Johnson, who had built a several-point lead over the past few months, with a single percentage point advantage over [Mandela] Barnes.


… Polling had put Blake Masters well behind Sen. Mark Kelly (D-AZ) but a poll released Wednesday by the progressive group Data for Progress showed the two essentially tied.

Support Dr. Oz here.
Support JD Vance here.

Support Sen. Ron Johnson

Support Blake Masters here

The Cook Political Report has moved their rating of the Arizona Senate race from “lean Democra" to "toss up."


The Washington Examiner has a report that focuses on 11 "toss up" races that could decide control of the House. Their list includes RJC PAC endorsees and other great Republicans who deserve your support!

Rep. David Valadao in CA-22
Rep. Mike Garcia in CA-27
Lisa Scheller in PA-7
Jim Bognet in PA-8
Jeremy Shaffer in PA-17
Allan Fung in RI-2
Rep. Mayra Flores in TX-34
Jen Kiggans in VA-2



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Short Takes

United Nations goes DEFCON 3 on Israel

Clifford D. May pulls no punches in condemning the latest UN Human Rights Council’s Commission of Inquiry (COI) and its latest report laying all the blame on Israel for last year’s 11-day war between Israel and Hamas.

Israel’s merry-go-round elections: A primer

David M. Weinberg offers an overview of the Israel election scheduled for November 1 and notes: “Israelis are not faced with a choice between good and evil. What they face is another muddy election in a convoluted Israeli political system where negative campaigning and personal animosities are at a peak.”






GA: Election Analysis Webinar with Richard Baehr
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NY: Lunch with General Yaakov Amidror
This special event features retired IDF Major General Amidror, who currently serves as Greg and Anne Rosshandler Senior Fellow at The Jerusalem Institute for Strategy and Security.





RJC Annual Leadership Meeting
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