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McCarthy Blocks Tlaib’s "Nakba" Event; Sanders Revives It

The Washington Free Beacon reported this week on a planned anti-Israel event, to be hosted by Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) and a number of virulently anti-Israel organizations. The event was to denounce “Zionist militias and the new Israeli military” and "mourn" the "Nakba," or catastrophe, which is what Palestinian activists call the establishment of the State of Israel:

Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) will host a congressional event this week to mourn Israel's founding alongside an array of anti-Israel groups, some of which have defended terrorism.


The Wednesday event marks the "Nakba," a Palestinian term for the creation of Israel that loosely translates as "catastrophe." Though Tlaib is listed as a "special guest" on the invitation, the event will take place at the Capitol Visitor Center, whose event space can only be reserved by a sitting member of Congress.


… The event is Tlaib's latest effort to give a mainstream platform to organizations long shunned by the majority of lawmakers on both sides of the aisle. The Democratic "Squad" member has accused American Jews of having dual loyalties to Israel. Last year, she spoke at a Nakba rally with a pro-Hamas newspaper editor who has encouraged Palestinians to attack Israelis.

The RJC responded on Twitter:

Antisemitic Democrat @RashidaTlaib is hosting a "Nakba Day" event in the US Capitol, calling Israel’s establishment a "catastrophe".


These are the ascendant anti-Israel voices in the Democratic Party, and House Democrats continue to pathetically coddle them.

Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy prevented that event from taking place as planned, as the Washington Free Beacon reported:

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy moved on Tuesday evening to block Michigan's Democratic congresswoman Rashida Tlaib from hosting an anti-Semitic congressional event planned for Wednesday, the speaker’s office confirmed to the Washington Free Beacon.


McCarthy told the Free Beacon that he intervened late Tuesday to reserve the Capitol Visitor Center space where Tlaib was set to host a Wednesday event to mourn Israel’s founding as a "catastrophe." In its place, the speaker will lead a bipartisan briefing celebrating the 75th anniversary of the US-Israel relationship.


"It’s wrong for members of Congress to traffic in anti-Semitic tropes about Israel," McCarthy told the Free Beacon. "As long as I’m Speaker, we are going to support Israel’s right to self-determination and self-defense, unequivocally and in a bipartisan fashion."

The Republican Jewish Coalition thanks Speaker McCarthy for standing up for Israel’s legitimacy and security, and blocking this anti-Israel display at the Capitol Visitor Center.


Unfortunately, Rep. Tlaib's event was still held, in another venue, thanks to the intervention of left-wing Senator Bernie Sanders. The Jewish Insider reported:

After being canceled by House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), a "Nakba Day" event organized on Wednesday by Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) was moved to the Senate side of the Capitol complex, to the hearing room of the Senate Health, Education Labor and Pensions Committee chaired by Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT)... Sanders did not personally attend the event.


...In her remarks, Tlaib accused Israeli police of a "sustained campaign of terror" against Muslim worshippers at the Temple Mount, called Israel an "apartheid state" and said that US military aid to Israel supports "ethnic cleansing."

Here is another sad example of how left-wing Democrats partner with the most anti-Israel and antisemitic voices in their party, while so-called mainstream Democrats stay silent.

RJC National Chairman Senator Norm Coleman; RJC Board of Directors member Bernie Marcus.

RJC Leaders in the News

The left/right divide on Israel: Jonathan Tobin interviews Norm Coleman

In a recent edition of his "Top Story" podcast, Jonathan Tobin, editor-in-chief of, the Jewish News Syndicate, talked with RJC National Chairman Senator Norm Coleman about the growing partisan divide over Israel. What does it mean when "I stand with Israel" is an applause line in Republican circles, but not among Democrats?

The Home Depot billionaire’s secrets of success
RJC Board of Directors member Bernie Marcus was profiled recently in an inspiring article published by It tells about his impoverished childhood, why he turned down a spot at Harvard Medical School, and how prioritizing hard work, honesty, and tzedaka (charity) have made this founder of Home Depot one of the most giving, impactful men on the planet.

Short Takes

RJC Spring Leadership Meeting features key GOP Senate and House members

The RJC was honored to host some outstanding GOP stars at our spring leadership meeting today in Washington, DC. The featured speakers included Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR), who spoke about the key threats facing the US; Senator Steve Daines (R-MT), chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, spoke about retaking the Senate majority in 2024; Senator Joni Ernst (R-IA), who chairs the Senate Republican Policy Committee; Representative Cathy McMorris Rogers, who chairs the House Energy and Commerce Committee; House Republican Conference Chair Representative Elise Stefanik; Jewish Republican Representative David Kustoff (R-TN); Jewish Republican Representative Max Miller (R-OH); and Michael Masters, CEO of Secure Community Network. See the RJC Twitter feed for highlights of the day.

Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin hosts event to ceremonially sign bill to fight antisemitism

Joined by Jewish faith and community leaders, Gov. Glenn Youngkin hosted an event Monday to ceremonially sign a bill supporters say will help Virginia better track and combat growing instances of antisemitism. Under the legislation, which will take effect July 1, Virginia will adopt a definition of antisemitism used by the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance. The state will use that non-legally binding definition for training and education, and for tracking and reporting antisemitism.

US Security Coordinator’s new report on death of Al Jazeera journalist concludes it was an accident

The US Security Coordinator has submitted a new report on the killing of an Al Jazeera journalist in Jenin in May 2022, which is said to confirm the USSC’s previous finding that her death was unintentional. Shireen Abu Akleh was killed during an exchange of fire between Israeli forces and Palestinian gunmen in Jenin. Israel has been widely accused of intentionally killing the journalist, despite the Coordinator's clear findings.

Why Putin’s repression is worse than what I endured under the Soviets

Natan Sharansky, a human rights activist and former political prisoner in the Soviet Union, writes that today’s Russia is even worse than the USSR of his early life. He writes: "…[W]ith Moscow’s barbaric aggression against Ukraine, Russia has experienced a quick return to almost Stalinist-era levels of repression. New laws have made it impossible for the free press and human rights organizations to operate. Some outlets have closed voluntarily, while others, including the Helsinki Group and Memorial — which only last year was a co-recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize — have been forcibly shut down. Prison sentences for criticizing the regime are becoming increasingly common and harsh."

Jews are woven into the fabric of US history

American Jews are an integral part of US history and culture. Since before the nation’s founding, Jewish immigrants contributed their blood, sweat, toil and tears to build the American Dream. Many, with only pennies in their pockets, came to America with the hope of building a better life for their future generations. They believed that they had a shared responsibility in building and protecting a nation in its infancy. These were the early roots of Jewish American patriotism.


May is Jewish American Heritage Month, recognizing the enduring contributions and innovations Jews make to American culture, education, science and technology. The month-long celebration was first officially recognized in 2006, when President George W. Bush issued a formal proclamation honoring America’s Jews. This year, all 26 Republican governors hailed the "impact of the American Jewish people" on the nation.

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