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The Biden Turn Against Israel

Mike Pompeo, former Secretary of State, and Elan Carr, former State Department Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat anti-Semitism write in Commentary magazine this week:

…[M]ore than halfway through the 46th president’s term, the facts are these: At almost every turn, the Biden administration has pursued policies that undermine Israel, imperil its security, and empower its enemies here and abroad. That record merits review, as well as an exploration of the ideological dogmas that explain it.


The trouble began only three weeks after Inauguration Day, when the administration announced plans to rejoin the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC)… Two months after taking office, in its annual human-rights report, the Biden State Department re-introduced the term "occupied territories" to refer to Judea, Samaria, and even parts of Jerusalem… One month later still, the president restored funding to the Palestinians, committing more than $230 million in aid. This was the case even though the Palestinian Authority (PA) maintains a "martyr’s fund" through which it pays more than $300 million per year to terrorists (or next of kin) who have murdered Israelis…All of these painful examples pale in comparison with the most dangerous Biden policy affecting Israel, which is his tilt toward the rogue regime in Iran.

This thoughtful article is worthy of your attention. Read it in full here.

Take Action

President Joe Biden and his administration bungled the US withdrawal from Afghanistan in August 2021, and American lives were lost. Two years later, no one has taken responsibility for this disaster and the Gold Star families of the 11 US Marines, one sailor, and one soldier who were killed that day still have no closure.


The Gold Star families - and the American people - deserve answers. The people responsible for this mess must be held accountable. Ultimately, the buck stops with Joe Biden. Let him know that you want him to meet with the Gold Star families and take responsibility for what happened two years ago in Kabul.



A woman walking in Tehran, Iran.

Republicans Raise Concerns Over Biden Hostage Deal with Iran

Republicans in the House and Senate have expressed serious concerns about the deal made by President Joe Biden to release $6 billion in frozen Iranian assets in exchange for the release of US hostages held by Iran.


Last Friday, 26 Senators sent a letter to Secretary of State Tony Blinken and Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, as the Jewish Insider reports:

"While we firmly believe the United States must use every appropriate resource to secure the release of American citizens wrongfully detained overseas, this decision will reinforce an incredibly dangerous precedent and will enable the Iranian regime to increase its destabilizing activities across the Middle East," a letter addressed to Secretary of State Tony Blinken and Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen reads.


The senators added that they are "also worried that your administration is attempting to sidestep Congress and pursue other pathways to financially compensate Iran in an attempt to renegotiate a successor to the ill-fated 2015 nuclear deal."

Days later, House Republican leaders addressed a letter to President Biden. Jewish Insider reports:

House Majority Leader Steve Scalise (R-LA), Republican Conference Chair Elise Stefanik (R-NY) and House Foreign Affairs Committee Chair Michael McCaul (R-TX) penned a letter expressing "significant concern that your Administration is pursuing a nuclear understanding with Iran alongside a hostage release deal."


They said that recent steps by Iran to slow enrichment and dilute some of its stockpiled uranium indicate that the administration had secured an “understanding” on Iran’s nuclear program "inextricably linked" to the recent deal to release US hostages in exchange for $6 billion in frozen Iranian funds. The lawmakers said such a deal would be "a clear violation" of the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act, which provides for congressional review of any agreement pertaining to Iran’s nuclear program.

The House leaders’ letter also said:

Any such deal or understanding with Iran that does not permanently and completely halt Iran’s nuclear enrichment raises concerns that your Administration is entrenching an Iranian nuclear program that threatens US national security… We are also concerned that Iran will use these funds, directly or indirectly, to support its malign activities. Assurances that the money will be limited to humanitarian goods are insufficient because money is fungible. Regardless of restrictions, this deal frees up $6 billion in funds for the regime to finance its military program, terrorist proxies, nuclear activities, and repression.

Ukrainian soldiers adjust the national flag atop an armored personnel carrier.

Should the US Continue to Support Ukraine?

Clifford D. May makes the case for continuing US support for Ukraine in his Washington Times column this week:

[After the Russian invasion in February 2022,] Ukrainians fought harder and better than expected. President [Joe] Biden — credit where it’s due — rallied NATO members to provide Ukrainians with weapons and ammunition. But he never explained clearly and persuasively what was at stake. And, wary of "provoking" Mr. Putin, the delivery of materiel has been slow and unsteady.


Mr. Biden’s advisers probably hoped Mr. Putin would seek an "offramp" — negotiations leading to a frozen conflict. He hasn’t.


Instead, Mr. Putin has been waiting for Americans to do what most Republicans appear eager to do now: Get tired. Give up. Move on.


If Americans do that, at least it will be the end of the story, right? No, not right.

May argues that a Russian victory in Ukraine would encourage Putin to continue expanding into neighboring countries like Georgia and Armenia, and into NATO states like Lithuania, not to mention the boost it would give to China’s plans for Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea. US interests around the world would be significantly damaged if Ukraine is left alone.


This is an important debate. The Republican Jewish Coalition Board of Directors stated its position last May:

Ukrainians have fought bravely to defend their homeland and their cause has won sympathy and support throughout the world. No country has done more to help Ukraine than our own. Millions of Americans have contributed to charities that provide relief to Ukrainians. Our elected leaders have provided billions of dollars in assistance to bolster Ukraine’s military. We call on Congress to renew that commitment, and we are pleased that key Republican leaders have pledged to do so.


Our commitment to Ukraine must be accompanied by a meaningful commitment to strengthening our military. Defending our nation is our government’s most fundamental duty. In a dangerous world, it is essential to our national security that America prioritize military expenditures much more than we have in recent years, to ensure that we are prepared to counter the full range of threats we face.


As Jewish Americans, we emphatically believe that it is in America’s national interest to see Russia’s military might diminished and its malign strategic aims thwarted. We know from painful recent history that a world where aggressors believe they can get away with using force to conquer neighboring nations is a more dangerous one.

Further reading:

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Short Takes

The camouflage kippa: Memories of the 1983 Beirut barracks bombing

Arnold E. Resnicoff, a retired US Navy Chaplain, recounts his experiences during the October 1983 suicide bombing that destroyed the US Marine barracks in in Beirut and cost the lives of 241 American service personnel. Hat tip to the Jewish Policy Center for this one.

Biden’s anti-nuclear move fits his anti-American energy agenda

Senator John Barrasso (R-WY) writes about the Biden administration policies that are preventing the US from expanding its capacity for producing energy, and the legislation he has introduced "to reform the permitting process so that safe and valuable energy projects are approved, instead of remaining wrapped up in litigation and Washington red tape."

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