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We stand with Israel

We at the Republican Jewish Coalition stand in solidarity with the government and people of Israel. Am Yisrael Chai – the Jewish people live!

Israeli volunteers, including teenagers, at work in Tel Aviv making meals for Israeli soldiers and others in need,

How You Can Help

Here are reputable conduits for your support to help the people and the soldiers of Israel in this difficult time. We've added two more important organizations to our previous list:

  • Friends of the IDF provides badly needed equipment and support services to Israeli soldiers.

  • United Hatzalah volunteers use specially equipped motorcycle ambulances to bring lifesaving emergency medical treatment anywhere in Israel within minutes.

  • Soroka Medical Center in Be'er Sheva has been caring for huge numbers of people injured in the Hamas attacks and needs help to acquire essential medical equipment.

  • PizzaIDF brings pizza and other favorite foods to Israeli soldiers at bases all over the country, to show them the love and support of people all over the world.

  • This Israel Emergency Support Fund has partnered with key organizations on the ground in Israel to bring a variety of support services for the injured and displaced victims of the Hamas attack and for the soldiers going out to defend them.

  • Zaka is the volunteer-based organization that specializes in search, rescue and recovery operations during emergencies and terror attacks. It also provides emotional support to victims and their families.

  • For more than 20 years, The Koby Mandell Foundation has helped bereaved mothers, fathers, widows, orphans and siblings who have lost loved ones due to an act of terror and other tragedies to rebuild their lives and create meaning out of suffering.

Israeli soldiers outside a house that was overrun by Hamas militants in Be'eri, in southern Israel, on Friday.

Israel at War: News You May Have Missed

  • Half a Million Israelis Displaced by War

    More than 20 communities near the Gaza Strip have been evacuated as the army gears up for a ground offensive. Another 28 communities within two kilometers of the Lebanese border have also been evacuated.

  • Did Israel Hit a Gazan Hospital? No.
    A failed Palestinian Islamic Jihad rocket launched at Israel caused the explosion at a hospital in Gaza on Tuesday night, the IDF confirms… The IDF provided a recording of a conversation between Hamas operatives regarding the hospital bombing, which confirms that it was a failed Islamic Jihad rocket launch that caused it, including that it looked "like local shrapnel and not like Israeli shrapnel." One of the Hamas operatives said that the Palestinians launched the rocket from a cemetery behind the hospital and that "it misfired and fell on them."

Also: Reps. Tlaib, Omar Criticized For Blaming Israel For Gaza Hospital Explosion

Palestinian fighters of the al-Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of the Hamas movement, take part in a military parade to mark the anniversary of the 2014 war with Israel, near the border in the central Gaza Strip on July 19, 2023.

Israel at War: Analysis and Commentary

Insightful articles from respected writers:

  • Armin Rosen: How Hamas Fooled the Experts
    It wasn’t so much a misreading of what was in [Hamas’] hearts as it was the sense that they had accommodated to reality.

  • Douglas J. Feith: Hamas’s Strategy of Human Sacrifice
    Never before has a party adopted a war strategy to maximize civilian deaths on its own side.

  • Walter Russell Mead: Appeasing Iran Has Failed
    Iran is unappeasable, but this truth is too inconvenient for the Biden administration to admit.

  • Yossi Klein Halevi: What this war is about
    On October 7, Israel became the most dangerous country in the world for Jews. The atrocity Hamas inflicted was literally unbearable

  • Ruth R. Wisse: Anti-Zionism Is a More Malevolent Form of Anti-Semitism
    Just as anti-Judaism once condemned the Jews for killing Christ, and anti-Semitism then accused Jews of polluting the nations where they lived, anti-Zionism was an ideology that defined the Jewish state as the illegitimate occupier of Arab land.

RJC in the News

CNN: RJC to Co-Sponsor the Next GOP Debate

The largest Republican-aligned Jewish political organization will partner in hosting next month’s third GOP presidential primary debate, the group announced Monday, a decision that comes amid the escalating violence in Israel and Gaza following the deadly attack by Hamas earlier this month.


The Republican Jewish Coalition said it will become the first Jewish group to co-sponsor a national debate, joining NBC News and the Salem Radio Network in Miami on November 8.


"As the horrific events of the last week have unfolded in Israel, the issue of American foreign policy has taken on an even greater role,” RJC national chairman Norm Coleman, a former Minnesota senator, said in a statement. “American strength and American resolve – and our candidates’ vision for America’s role in the world – are more important than ever."


…RJC CEO Matt Brooks said the group’s invitation from the Republican National Committee “demonstrates the value and importance that the Republican Party places on the Jewish community and its growing support for the GOP, and the impact that the Republican Jewish Coalition has as an organization. This is an historic opportunity.”

FoxNews: Trump and 2024 GOP Presidential Rivals on Same Stage at Confab in Key Early Voting State

Former President [Donald] Trump will appear on the same stage as some of his top rivals for the 2024 GOP nomination at a major gathering of top Republican leaders, donors and activists later this month.


Fox News has learned that Trump will speak at the Republican Jewish Coalition's annual leadership summit on Saturday, Oct. 28, in Las Vegas.


Also addressing the audience will be GOP presidential candidates Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, former ambassador and former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, former Vice President Mike Pence, Sen. Tim Scott of South Carolina, former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum and biotech entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy.


The RJC's confab is once again being held at the Venetian Conference Center along the Las Vegas Strip. This cycle, Nevada is holding the third contest in the GOP presidential nominating calendar, following the Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire primary.


… "This year’s RJC Annual Leadership Summit will be the biggest and best attended in organizational history, featuring every major Republican candidate for President of the United States. The world will be watching," RJC National Political Director Sam Markstein told Fox News.


Markstein emphasized that "as the horrific events of the last week have unfolded in Israel, the issue of American foreign policy has taken on an even greater role. American strength and American resolve – and our candidates’ vision for America’s role in the world – are more important than ever. As the leading Republican voice in the Jewish community and for American Jews in the GOP, RJC is proud and honored to be hosting such a pivotal event at such a perilous time. RJC stands unapologetically with Israel."

President Biden's scheme to provide Iran with a $6 billion windfall in exchange for the release of American hostages was always a terrible, dangerous deal. But after Iran's Hamas proxies murdered more than 1,400 Israelis and 30 Americans, after the kidnappings and the rapes and the maimings, enough is enough.


Fortunately, Senator Tom Cotton and Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell have introduced a bill, S. 3041, to prohibit the Biden administration from completing the transfer and giving the $6 billion to the Iranian regime.


Please take a moment to contact your Senators and ask them to cosponsor the Cotton-McConnell bill.




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