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RJC in the News

It was a busy week on Capitol Hill. First, the House considered and passed the foreign aid supplemental bills that provided $17 billion to Israel "toward replenishing and expanding Israel's missile and rocket defense system; another $3.5 billion will go to purchasing advanced weapons systems; $1 billion to enhance weapons production; $4.4 billion for other defense supplies and services provided to Israel; and some $2.4 billion to US operations in the region amid the Gaza war," according to The Times of Israel. The Senate passed the combined aid bill and President Joe Biden has signed it.


The RJC strongly supported aid to Israel, Ukraine, and Taiwan at this critical time and the media reported widely on our statements of support.


We urged House Members to move quickly on the aid bill by voting in favor of the Rule establishing procedures for considering the bills; opposing amendments that would have the predictable effect of derailing the bills; and voting "yes" on final passage of the bills. (Read our statement here.) Thousands of RJC members sent emails with that message to their members of Congress through our online advocacy portal. Thank you for speaking out!


The RJC's call to House members was quoted by The Jerusalem Post, among many others:

The Republican Jewish Coalition said it applauds House Republicans for moving forward on the urgently needed legislation.


In a statement, RJC National Chairman Senator Norm Coleman and CEO Matt Brooks said they are particularly appreciative of Speaker Mike Johnson whose "perseverance and determination" made the legislation possible.


"We urge members of the House to swiftly move the bills forward by supporting adoption of the rule governing debate, rejecting amendments that would have the predictable effect of derailing the bill, and voting 'Yes' on final passage," Coleman and Brooks said.

The RJC praised the passage of the House bill. (Read our statement here.) JNS carried the story: House passes Israel supplemental aid bill, poised for Senate approval.

Leadership of the Republican Jewish Coalition said that the "historic importance of this moment cannot be overstated."


"RJC applauds the members of both parties who found a way to work together to produce results, strengthening the security of the United States and our essential security partners around the world," it stated, thanking Johnson, "who put it all on the line to do what's right for America and our allies."

The RJC likewise urged the Senate to act quickly on the aid bill and celebrated the bill's passage.


After the House vote, the RJC announced its decision to endorse a GOP challenger to a House Republican incumbent, endorsing former Navy Seal and State Rep. John McGuire over Rep. Bob Good in Virginia's Fifth Congressional District Republican primary. (See our statement here.) This unusual decision drew significant attention from the national media.


JNS: Citing Israel, RJC endorses 'conservative stalwart' against House Freedom Caucus chair in Virginia

Citing the decision of Rep. Bob Good (R-Va.) to vote against emergency aid for Israel, the Republican Jewish Coalition endorsed Good's opponent, John McGuire, in Virginia's 5th Congressional District.

Politico: Republican Jewish Coalition backs Good primary challenger in Virginia

In the past, RJC has only waded into a handful of other races, including against former Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) as well as GOP Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene in Georgia and Thomas Massie in Kentucky.

The Hill: Republican Jewish Coalition backs primary challenge to Virginia Rep. Bob Good

"This past week, the US House of Representatives passed emergency aid funding for our key security partners, including urgently needed military assistance for our beleaguered ally Israel. Congressman Bob Good (VA-05) shamefully voted against this critical support for the Jewish state, abandoning Israel as it continues to fight for its very survival after the worst massacre of Jews since the Holocaust," Republican Jewish Coalition CEO Matt Brooks said in a statement.

New York Post: Republican Jewish group endorses House Freedom Caucus chair Bob Good's primary rival over vote against Israel aid

"If you don't stand with the Jewish community, if you don't stand with Israel, Republican or Democrat, the RJC will work to defeat you," RJC CEO Matt Brooks said in a statement.


... "Congressman Bob Good (VA-05) shamefully voted against this critical support for the Jewish state, abandoning Israel as it continues to fight for its very survival after the worst massacre of Jews since the Holocaust," the head of the RJC said.

"This vote showed who Israel's true friends are, and exposed those like Congressman Bob Good who are not," Brooks added.

You can support John McGuire through the RJC PAC Portal.


The RJC was quoted on other topics this week as well.


Washington Examiner: Biden White House hosts DC official who praised antisemite despite reported invite ban

A Washington, DC, official scored two more visits to the White House after a spokesman for President Joe Biden reportedly asserted that she would not be allowed to return following her praise of antisemite Louis Farrakhan.


... The Republican Jewish Coalition said the White House needs to own up to why it would invite [Cora] Masters Barry back, including after the Oct. 7 Hamas-led terrorist attack on Israel.


"The priorities of this White House are all backwards," RJC spokesman Sam Markstein told the Washington Examiner. "Why is someone like this being given access to the White House in the immediate aftermath of the worst terrorist attack and slaughter of Jews since the Holocaust?"


... The commissioner's prior praise for Farrakhan, who leads the Nation of Islam, was at an October 2022 private event honoring former Washington Mayor Marion Barry, her late husband.


It is CRITICAL that Republicans win majorities in the House and Senate in 2024- and you can help!

Donations to the RJC PAC go to top GOP candidates in competitive, winnable races that will make a difference for the GOP's efforts to retake the Senate and House.


Visit the RJCPAC Portal and support Republican candidates in key battleground states, including the RJC PAC's most recent endorsees:

John McGuire (VA-05), Bernie Moreno (Sen-OH), Nick LaLota (NY-1), Virginia Foxx (NC-05), Dave McCormick (Sen-PA), August Pfluger (TX-11), and Tony Gonzales (TX-23).


When you donate to a candidate through the RJC PAC Portal, your entire donation goes to the candidate your chose and they will know that they have the support of an RJC member who cares about our priority issues.

Please show your support by donating to the RJC PAC and/or our ENDORSED CANDIDATES today!



Republicans Stand with Jewish Students on Campus

The anti-Israel and antisemitic demonstrations on college campuses spreading across the country signal both the deep rot in higher education and the real agenda of the "pro-Palestinian" groups funding and leading them. Jewish students are being targeted and university leadership appear largely unwilling or unable to stop the protests.


Republicans in Congress are urging President Joe Biden to take action. The New York Post reports:

More than half of the Senate GOP conference insisted the Biden administration "take action" Tuesday to safeguard Jewish college students across the country and restore order amid a spate of anti-Israel protests on campus.


Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) led a letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland and Education Secretary Miguel Cardona, calling on them to brief lawmakers on their actions to quell the unrest by 5 p.m. Wednesday.


"You need to take action to restore order and protect Jewish students on our college campuses," wrote Cotton and 25 of his Senate Republican colleagues. "President Biden issued a statement on Sunday, purporting to condemn the outbreak of anti-Semitism [sic].


"If that statement was serious, it must be accompanied by immediate action from your departments."

Yesterday, House Speaker Mike Johnson and several of his colleagues visited Columbia University to see the antisemitic student encampment there firsthand. With him were Reps. Mike Lawler (R-NY-17), Nicole Malliotakis (R-NY-11), Anthony D'Esposito (R-NY-4), and Virginia Foxx (R-NC-5), who chairs the House Committee on Education and the Workforce.


The Speaker met with Jewish students and said: "We just left a meeting with Jewish students who told us of the heinous acts of bigotry that they have experienced simply because of their faith. Their bravery is inspiring, much more inspiring than some of the activities we're seeing here. They should never have to confront such hate on an American college campus at such a revered institution."


See the full press conference, with remarks from all five speakers here. The AP reports on some of the campuses affected by the anti-Israel demonstrations.

Click Here to Help Civilians and Soldiers in Israel

Short Takes

Humanitarian pier off Gaza coast attacked during construction

In an exclusive confirmation to i24NEWS, the spokesperson for United Nations Secretary General António Guterres has verified the i24NEWS exclusive report of an attack on the US-led humanitarian pier under construction off the coast of Gaza. The incident occurred on Wednesday during construction work on the pier.


According to the spokesperson, a UN team was present at the site when two rounds of mortar shells were fired towards the construction area, landing approximately 100 meters away...It is believed that the fire from Palestinians was aimed at IDF personnel around the construction and not the international workers.

Among the activists plotting to disrupt the DNC

Olivia Reingold and Eli Lake write: "In 1968, the Democratic Convention in Chicago was a bloodbath, with 600 arrests in one street battle that was broadcast all over the world. And the group that met here last Saturday, in the local headquarters of the Teamsters Union, wants to repeat history when Joe Biden is named the presidential nominee at the DNC this August. They oppose the president they call 'Genocide Joe' for backing Israel in its war against Hamas...


The prospect that the convention could devolve into the kind of anarchy actively being plotted at this conference has Chicago Democrats worried, several party insiders told The Free Press. Four politicians said they fear the city—and especially the administration of Mayor Brandon Johnson—aren't prepared for the protests."

Five for Fighting brings the spirit of 'Superman' to Israel

John Ondrasik, known by his stage name Five for Fighting, made his first trip to Israel this month. He told the Jewish Insider about meeting with hostage families, playing music with first responders and soldiers who were recovering from injuries sustained while fighting Hamas in Gaza, and experiencing "red alerts" because of the hundreds of drones and missiles Iran sent toward Israel, just hours after he had performed in front of thousands of people in Hostage Square in Jerusalem. Ondrasik said, "I'll tell you this — I've never played a gig where before the show, they make an announcement of what to do during a missile attack and nobody leaves."





The Officers and Staff of the Republican Jewish Coalition wish all of our Members a very happy Passover.

In observance of the last days of the holiday, all RJC offices will be closed April 29-30.



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