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July 23, 2020

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The RJC virtual town hall event on Sunday night received rave reviews from viewers.


RJC Town Hall is a Great Success


The RJC virtual town hall with Ambassador Nikki Haley, radio host Mark Levin, RJC National Chairman Senator Norm Coleman, and RJC Executive Director Matt Brooks was an outstanding event. More than 5,000 people watched the discussion, which focused on the US-Israel relationship, foreign policy, and domestic issues. Throughout the conversation, the speakers drew sharp contrasts between President Donald Trump’s successes and the damage that a Joe Biden administration would cause. Everyone in the Jewish community should hear this discussion.


You will find the full video here. Please watch and share!


Read more about the event:

Susan Collins - Maine Senate Race

Every Senate race this year is critical to the battle for control of the chamber, but Susan Collins' bid for a new term representing the state of Maine may be the most consequential in its impact on the future of our democracy.


I had the privilege of serving for six years with Senator Collins as a colleague, and I can say without hesitation that she is one of the finest US Senators in my lifetime. First of all, she is a Senator for the right reason, to serve the people of her state, rather than to attain personal glory or push a narrow partisan agenda. Second, no one works harder, as exemplified by her never having missed a Senate vote in more than two decades of service. Thirdly, she is incredibly effective, owing to her willingness to work across the aisle, to compromise, and to maintain a top-notch staff.


But all of this means nothing to knee-jerk Democratic partisans who see the only New England Republican left in Congress as an obstacle to their dream of taking over the Senate. They've been attacking Senator Collins relentlessly for defying their extreme agenda by supporting the 2017 tax cuts, voting to confirm Justice Brett Kavanaugh, and opposing the removal of the president through impeachment.


The attacks have taken a toll on Senator Collins' popularity and made her race against Maine State House Speaker Sara Gideon a dead heat. In the past few weeks, the Senator's campaign and allies have struck back, informing voters about Gideon's serious ethics problems as well as Senator Collins' extraordinary record of accomplishment. But national Democrats are pouring money into the race, and Senator Collins needs our help to keep pace.


And as Jewish Republicans, we have an especially big stake in this race. Gideon proudly aligns with J Street, while Senator Collins has been a stalwart backer of the US-Israel alliance and an opponent of the Obama Iran deal. Susan Collins has been there for us, and we need to be there for her as she faces her greatest test.


The RJC PAC has endorsed Susan Collins. You can help her win by clicking here to support her campaign.


Please watch this space for more in-depth analysis on individual races in the critical 2020 elections. If you’d like to share your thoughts with me on any of these races, please email me at [email protected]Click here to see previous "Notes from Norm."



RJC in the News

Israel Hayom reported on Jewish groups mourning the passing of  civil rights leader Rep. John Lewis (D-GA): 

"Lewis set an example for our country that will long outlive him. His work for equality had profound effects on the lives of not only African Americans, but other minority groups, like American Jews," Republican Jewish Coalition spokesperson Neil Strauss told JNS. "For that, all Americans owe Lewis a debt of gratitude. We hope that Lewis can rest in peace knowing he made the world a better place."

• The Jewish News Service reports:

The political action committee of the Republican Jewish Coalition announced its endorsement on Monday of neurosurgeon John Cowan ahead of the Aug. 11 run-off in Georgia’s 14th Congressional District to succeed retiring Rep. Tom Graves (R-GA).

RJC executive director Matt Brooks said that while his organization “seldom gets involved in Republican primaries,” it is “making a rare exception to announce our strong support for Dr. Cowan. The importance of the outcome of this run-off is too great for us to stay on the sidelines.” (Read more here.) 

The RJC PAC has endorsed John Cowan. You can help him win by clicking here to support his campaign.


• The New Jersey Globe reports:  

The Republican Jewish Coalition has endorsed David Richter for Congress in New Jersey’s 3rd district.

“David is Jewish, a successful businessman, a strong supporter of President Trump, and a proud RJC leader from our New Jersey RJC Chapter, “said Sam Markstein, the group’s national political director in a fundraising pitch for Richter. “The far-left group J Street has already raised over $28,000 to support the incumbent, Democrat Andy Kim.”

If he wins, Richter would become the first Jewish Republican in the New Jersey congressional delegation since Dick Zimmer (R-Delaware Township) gave up his seat in 1996 to run for the United States Senate.

The RJC PAC has endorsed David Richter. You can help him win by clicking here to support his campaign.



Will "The Squad" lead the future Democrat Party? From left: Reps. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI), Ilhan Omar (D-MN), Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and Ayanna Pressley (D-MA).

2020 Election Notes

Biden and Sanders Teams Stand Off Over Israeli ‘Occupation’ 

The leftwing Daily Beast gives us an inside look at the fight going on inside the Democrat Party over their party's platform plank on Israel:

In recent years, a vocal and influential chorus of progressives have disagreed privately, and at times rather publicly, with the party’s conventional wisdom on Israel.

...Other Democrats counter that the current language is, in fact, a reflection of where much of the party, not to mention the country, is on the issue, and warn that appearing to abandon traditional pro-Israel views risks political disaster.

...There are signs that some parts of the electorate may be less supportive of the Israeli government’s actions than they may have been in the past. Increasing numbers of Democratic lawmakers have been willing to criticize the country’s leadership and decisions, particularly on Netanyahu’s threat to annex the West Bank. Some surveys have shown shifts of opinion on things like ironclad American military aid to Israel.

Will the Democrats’ Generational Shift Turn the Tide Against Israel? Jonathan Tobin lays out a serious concern about the modern Democrat Party:

The real question about the party’s future rests not only on whether Clinton and Obama administration veterans still yearning to bash Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu shift policy farther away from the nation’s support of Israel if [Joe] Biden wins in November. Rather, it is whether the ranks of the radical “Squad” of far-left members of the House of Representatives will not only increase, but also acquire the clout to offset the influence of an aging party establishment.

Jews and/or Supporters of Israel Have Only One Good 2020 Choice: Re-elect Trump!

Jeff Dunetz makes the case with a look at President Donald Trump’s lifelong record of pro-Jewish and pro-Israel actions.


Thank you, President Trump - Ani Modeh Lecha 

Jerry Klinger, president and founder of the Jewish American Society for Historic Preservation, writes about the new sculpture erected near the entrance sign at Trump Heights in the Golan. The sculpture, depicting a Golan eagle and a menorah, adorns the entrance to the planned Israeli community in the Golan Heights named in honor of President Donald Trump. Klinger also spells out twelve pro-Israel and pro-Jewish reasons to support President Trump. The sculpture is pictured below.



Countdown to Election Day


The RJC is committed to reelecting President Donald Trump, keeping the Senate, and winning back the House. We encourage our members to participate in our outreach phonebank project to help Republicans win in November. It's easy, and you can do it from home! Here's how YOU can help: 

- Sign up to call Jewish voters from home by clicking HERE
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- Make as many phone calls as you can. Everyone you speak to is a potential vote for President Trump and the GOP!


Sign up now and you could be the next RJC Volunteer of the Week!



The Republican Jewish Coalition is hiring field staff for our advocacy efforts in support of President Donald Trump’s reelection in various battleground states. CLICK HERE for details and application information. 



The RJC PAC has endorsed a terrific slate of House and Senate candidates, and we need them to continue their work on Capitol Hill! CLICK HERE to donate through the RJC PAC portal and show your support for our great candidates!


And don't forget your RJC/Trump kippah! 
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RJC Victory Team National Days of Action


Please join us for the upcoming RJC Victory Team Virtual Days of Action. We'll hold a special SUNDAY Day of Action on July 26 to mark "100 Days to Election Day!"


After that, the next two Days of Action will be Tuesday, July 28 and Tuesday, August 4


We'll be calling potential Jewish voters in Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida, Arizona, and Georgia, key battleground states of the 2020 election cycle. Click here to sign up and help!


We look forward to scheduling in-person grassroots events and resuming our chapter activities around the country as soon as possible. Don't forget to check our web site for updates. 


We also encourage you to check out the terrific content and virtual events offered by our sister organization, the Jewish Policy Center.


While RJC offices are closed and our staff are teleworking, you can reach us by email or by phone (please leave a voicemail message and your call will be returned). Contact information for our offices can be found on our web site. Please visit us online for the latest RJC news, to volunteer for our 2020 outreach efforts, to see details of upcoming events, and to donate to the RJC.


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