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RJC in the News

As we noted last week, the RJC spoke out strongly against President Joe Biden’s nominee for US Ambassador to Brazil, Elizabeth Frawley Bagley, after her past remarks about the “Jewish lobby” and “money” became known.


Adam Kredo at the Washington Free Beacon reported on statements by the RJC and other groups against Bagley’s nomination:

Pressure is mounting on the Biden administration to pull the nomination and replace Bagley with a different candidate… Jewish and pro-Israel organizations say Bagley must go as a result of her remarks, in which she decried "the influence of the Jewish lobby because there is major money involved."


…The Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC) also pressed the White House to pull Bagley’s nomination and urged the Senate to reject her if it does not.


"Ms. Bagley’s disgraceful, anti-Semitic comments are absolutely disqualifying; her outrageous slurs include suggesting the ‘Jewish lobby’ influences elected officials with ‘major money'—an age-old, anti-Semitic stereotype," Matt Brooks, RJC executive director, said in a statement.

These efforts were successful! Dimitriy Shapiro at the Jewish News Syndicate reported:

The Biden administration’s pick for ambassador to Brazil was blocked by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee after a party line 11-11 vote on Thursday, with Republicans on the committee uniting to oppose her.


…Before the vote on Thursday, the Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC) called on the Biden administration to withdraw Bagley’s nomination or, if it does not, for the senators to reject her nomination.

Brad Kauffman interviewed Ambassador David Friedman, who is a member of the RJC Board of Directors, about his experiences as President Donald Trump’s ambassador to Israel and about his book, “Sledgehammer.” Part of their conversation touched on how American Jews can fight the antisemitism coming from members of Congress such as Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) and Rashida Tlaib (D-MI). Ambassador Friedman said:

Friedman maintains that there needs to be “more pressure put on the mainstream Democrats to condemn this crowd. This is not okay. I am aware that there have been three or four Republicans who have said some really despicable things over the last few years. And, when they have, they have been called out by the mainstream Republican Party and by the Republican Jewish Coalition. You’ve got to expect that from the Democrats as well.


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Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps

Biden Continues to Bow to Iran

President Joe Biden took a step this week that will make is easier for individuals who worked with terrorists to legally enter the US. Adam Kredo at the Washington Free Beacon reports:

The State and Homeland Security Departments last week amended federal immigration laws to allow foreigners who provided "insignificant material support" to designated terror groups to receive "immigration benefits or other status.”


… The policy shift is fueling concerns that the Biden administration wants to make it easier for individuals who work with or for Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC), the country's paramilitary fighting force that has killed hundreds of Americans, to enter the country. Notice of the change came several days before the Biden administration and hardline Iranian government resumed talks aimed at securing a revamped version of the 2015 nuclear deal.


A State Department spokesman said the law was amended to help vulnerable Afghans, who might have inadvertently worked with terror groups, gain refuge in the United States following the Biden administration's bungled withdrawal that left the Taliban in power. Lawmakers and former US officials, however, say the new regulations are so broadly written that they would apply to organizations like al Qaeda and the IRGC. The policy change is also raising red flags as US officials, including former secretary of state Mike Pompeo, face credible death threats from Iran.

Note that this move came just before the Biden administration attempted to reopen talks with Iran toward another Iran nuclear deal. The US envoy, Rob Malley, was in the Qatari capital of Doha this week for talks mediated by the Europeans. Officials expressed pessimism that the talks would produce any movement toward an agreement. And in fact, the Biden administration’s efforts failed, because the Iranians have not budged.

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Short Takes

Jewish Rep. Lee Zeldin wins GOP nomination for New York Governor

Jewish Republican Congressman Lee Zeldin (NY-1) has won the Republican primary ahead of New York’s gubernatorial race. As the Jerusalem Post reports: “If he wins, Zeldin, 42, would become the first Jewish Republican Governor of New York.”

More than 1 million voters switch to GOP in warning for Dems

The AP reports: “More than 1 million voters across 43 states have switched to the Republican Party over the last year, according to voter registration data analyzed by The Associated Press. The previously unreported number reflects a phenomenon that is playing out in virtually every region of the country — Democratic and Republican states along with cities and small towns…”

Antisemitic activist campaigned with multiple Democrats over the past year

The Jewish News Syndicate reports: “Mahel Abdel Qader has come under fire for repeatedly promoting antisemitic conspiracy theories.” And he has been a popular fundraiser for certain Democrats, including NY City Mayor Eric Adams, MN Attorney General Keith Ellison, and “Squad” members Reps. Cori Bush (D-MO), and Rashida Tlaib (D-MI).






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