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RJC in the News

Exclusive (TODAY) Fox: Massive donation to Trump from Jewish org amid anti-Israel campus protests

A top grassroots group that represents Jewish Republicans across the country is showcasing what it calls its largest ever fundraising and expenditure effort in support of a GOP presidential nominee.


The Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC), in an announcement shared first with Fox News on Thursday, highlighted that it is committed to raising a minimum of $5 million - from its donors and from its RJC Victory Fund super PAC - to help elect former President [Donald] Trump in his November White House rematch with President [Joe] Biden.


RJC national political director Sam Markstein highlighted that this "will be the RJC's largest effort ever to mobilize support in the Jewish community for President Trump."


Additionally, Markstein noted that the announcement is "in addition to our $15 million independent expenditure," which he characterized as the largest independent expenditure in the organization's history.

JNS: RJC, Democratic Majority for Israel denounce Biden arms embargo

On April 15, the Republican Jewish Coalition and Democratic Majority for Israel issued an unusual joint statement condemning Iran for attacking Israel. Last week, the two groups individually criticized the US President Joe Biden's decision to withhold weapons from Israel.


"Joe Biden has cemented his legacy as the worst president for the Jewish community and the State of Israel ever," stated Norm Coleman and Matt Brooks, respectively national chairman and CEO of the RJC.


"By withholding critical military aid to the Jewish state as it fights a war for its very survival, Biden is effectively siding with Iran and its terrorist proxies over Israel," the RJC leaders stated. "This is an unprecedented, shameful and despicable betrayal of a key ally and vital security partner at the worst possible time."


"History will judge Biden harshly for this dereliction of responsibility to our friend and partner Israel," they added.

Epoch Times: Republican campaign strategists see Jewish voters moving right in 2024

Republican Jewish Coalition Senior Political Director Sam Markstein told The Epoch Times: "Where the numbers get really interesting is in the battleground states like Florida where [Donald] Trump got almost 45 percent of the Jewish vote and states like Georgia where he got 50 percent, and then in other states, you see in 2022 in the exit polling [former Rep.] Lee Zeldin got 46 percent of the Jewish vote in New York [running for governor] and Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.) got about the same amount. So the numbers in key states are moving in the right direction."


… Mr. Markstein said that "looking at the margins of victory in 2016 and 2020, the Jewish community in those states is larger than the margin of victory, so the Jewish vote is going to play a decisive role in the decisive states," including Arizona, Florida, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan, all of which have large Jewish populations with high turnouts on election day.

Jewish Insider: In West Virginia, Rep. Carol Miller faces primary challenge from candidate who entertained antisemitic conspiracy theories

[Carol] Miller, the chair of the Main Street Caucus — a group that describes its members as "pragmatic conservatives" — is being backed in the primary by the Republican Jewish Coalition, which rarely involves itself in contested GOP primaries, highlighting the degree of concern over [Derrick] Evans' candidacy...


In a statement, RJC chair Norm Coleman and CEO Matt Brooks described Evans as a "convicted felon and fringe extremist."


"For such a person to become a Congressman would be an embarrassment for Republicans nation-wide," the statement reads. "But it's West Virginians who would be hurt the most if a dependable conservative like Carol Miller were to be replaced by a criminal provocateur."


The RJC praised Miller as a "reliable supporter of pro-Israel measures" who "understands that America must continue to lead in a dangerous world" and as a "fierce advocate for her West Virginia constituents and a strong ally to the Jewish community."

Times of Israel: GOP Jews happy as Capitol rioter accused of antisemitism defeated in WV primary

The Republican Jewish Coalition is celebrating after a candidate it endorsed in West Virginia's congressional primary beat out a challenger accused of antisemitism.


Carol Miller, who has represented West Virginia's first district since 2019, managed to stave off a challenge from Derrick Evans, who served a three-month jail sentence after livestreaming himself participating in the storming of the US Capitol.


"Republican voters in West Virginia and Nebraska soundly rejected extremist candidates," the RJC says in a statement.


… "Let there be no doubt: if you don't stand with the Jewish community if you don't stand with Israel, the RJC will work to defeat you," the group says.


The Republican Jewish Coalition has lined up a list of GOP heavy hitters for its D.C. Spring Leadership Meeting Thursday — and one particularly notable candidate opposing a Republican incumbent.


The slated guests include Speaker Mike Johnson, Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin, GOP Conference Chair Elise Stefanik and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX). Then there's John McGuire, the primary challenger to House Freedom Caucus Chair Bob Good (R-VA), according to an agenda first obtained by POLITICO.


The group, in a rare move, came out against Good last month, citing his votes against foreign aid bills that included Israel aid. But the event lineup makes it clear they'll continue to prop up McGuire, at least until the primary in mid-June.

Nevada Independent: Will Israel conflict help or hurt only female Jewish US Senator?

Sen. Jacky Rosen (D-NV) will likely face a Republican challenger this year who is a strong supporter of Israel and the Jewish community. In a Democratic Party deeply divided about Israel, the fact that Rosen herself is Jewish may not be enough to help her keep her seat. The Nevada Independent reports:

Sam Markstein, the political director for the Republican Jewish Coalition, acknowledged that Rosen has a record of supporting Israel, but said that the "D" next to her name on the ballot might speak louder to voters.


"You can't hide from the divisions in the Democratic Party, and that's what she's trying to do," Markstein said. "Her inability to speak in a forthright way reflects that the Democratic Party is in fact tearing itself apart over these issues of antisemitism and the war in the Middle East."


A successful Republican candidate, Markstein said, will call out Rosen for not going to UNLV to denounce protesters the way Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) and Republicans did at Columbia University. Students have protested in support of Palestinians at UNLV and UNR, but neither school has contended with encampments or police violence like other universities have.

Breaking News: House Passes Israel Security Assistance Support Act

At 5:00 pm today, the House overwhelmingly passed the Israel Security Assistance Support Act.


This important legislation was introduced by House Republicans in response to President Joe Biden's decision to withhold bombs and other munitions from Israel. Those military resources were authorized by Congress and should already be on their way to help Israel in its war against the terrorist brigades of Hamas in Gaza.


The vote was 224 to 187 on a nearly party-line vote. Only three Republicans voted against the bill: Warren Davidson (R-OH-8), Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA-14), and Tom Massie (R-KY-4). Sixteen Democrats crossed the aisle to support the Republican bill. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) has announced that he will not allow the Senate to vote on this bill, and President Biden promised to veto it if it reached his desk.


On Monday, the Jewish Insider reported on the provisions of the bill:

The Israel Security Assistance Support Act condemns the administration's moves and calls on the administration to permit all approved arms transfers to Israel to move forward and to utilize all existing congressional funds. It also carries a series of penalties that aim to force the issue.


The bill demands that any arms being withheld be delivered to Israel within 15 days of the bill's passage and would cut off funding from the Department of Defense, Department of State and National Security and Homeland Security Councils if that requirement is not fulfilled.


It would require that any other weapons and defense services expected for Israel, including direct Israeli weapons purchases, be delivered promptly.


It would also mandate that no funds appropriated for the Department of State or Department of Defense may be used to withhold or prevent the delivery of military equipment and services to Israel or to pay any official of either agency involved in such activity.


The bill would also implement a series of new reporting requirements to Congress, including a report from the State and Pentagon inspectors general on efforts to withhold aid, and monthly reports on US security aid to Israel.

The RJC responded to House passage of the Israel Security Assistance Support Act with gratitude to House Republicans and a challenge to Democrats, stating:

RJC is proud to have strongly supported the Israel Security Assistance Support Act, which guarantees the delivery of the defense items promised to the Jewish state just a few weeks ago in the foreign aid supplemental.


Meanwhile, spineless House Democrats shamefully chose partisan political loyalty over standing with our most cherished ally in the Middle East, voting overwhelmingly to oppose this measure.


Democratic Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has also said this bill will not even get a vote in the US Senate. This is a test for Democratic Senators who say they support Israel: will you meekly accept this betrayal of a key strategic partner?

THANK YOU! Thousands of RJC members used our online advocacy tool to send emails to their Representatives, urging them to support this legislation. Thank you for speaking out for Israel!


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Short Takes

Bryen: UN admits Hamas lied on casualty numbers, but the damage is done

Jewish Policy Center Senior Director Shoshana Bryen writes that the UN revisions to its casualty numbers in Gaza comes too late; the damage is done and the UN's excuse for using Hamas numbers all this time doesn't hold water. She writes: "The UN blames 'the fog of war.' Baloney. There is always fog, but the UN acceptance of Hamas casualty figures led directly to South Africa's complaint to the International Court of Justice (ICJ), accusing Israel of genocide. The ICJ declined to say there was genocide, but Israel was still smeared again across the international media."

Murray: What it means to choose life

Douglas Murray, who has been an outstanding defender of Israel in the current crisis, was awarded the Alexander Hamilton Award by the Manhattan Institute for his "unwavering defense of Western values." In his acceptance speech, Murray spoke about visiting Israel immediately after October 7 and the stories – horrific and inspiring - that he heard there.


He said: "I think often of the line from Deuteronomy when God says, 'I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing; therefore choose life, that you and your descendants might live.' And I think also of the psalmist who said, 'I shall not die, but I shall live.' Because when I think of October 7 now, I don't think only of the victims; I think of the extraordinary heroes."


Murray's remarks on that occasion are well worth your time. Video here; transcript here.

Biden's Compromised Iran Envoy Deserves More Congressional Investigation

The Editors of National Review write: "A long-overdue reckoning over the conduct of Rob Malley, President [Joe] Biden's Iran envoy, might be on the way, however much the administration endeavors to bury the truth. The Washington Post reported last week that members of Congress believe that Malley emailed classified documents to a personal email address and downloaded them to his personal phone from there."

Greenblatt: Here's how to reduce Islamist terrorism worldwide and weaken the Iranian regime

Former White House Mideast special envoy and RJC Board of Directors member Jason Greenblatt writes: "The US should weaken Iran's ability to fund terrorists by dramatically increasing our own oil and natural gas production, as former President [Donald] Trump advocates, to reduce the market for Iranian fossil fuels. Unfortunately, President [Joe] Biden and some state governments are helping Iran by barring oil and gas drilling in growing areas of the US.


"America should also pressure Iran by making it clear that Israel and our Arab allies have our full support. This would deter attacks by Iran and its terrorist puppets. The US, Britain, France and some of our Arab allies worked together to help Israel shoot down about 300 drones and missiles that Iran launched against Israel in April in an unprecedented attack. That is the way things should work to keep our Middle East allies safe and secure."






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