Colorado Senate Race: Cory Gardner

Republicans worry greatly about the Colorado Senate race, perhaps more than any other race in the battle for the Senate majority. We don’t want to lose one of our party's best young leaders, Senator Cory Gardner.

Undoubtedly, Senator Gardner has a tough road to reelection. To prevail in a state that is drifting leftward, he’ll need to earn the support of a significant number of voters who go Democrat at the top of the ticket.

Fortunately, Cory Gardner has a lot to offer moderate voters and independent voters - the biggest cohort in Colorado. He can cite years of effective work on important state concerns like securing permanent funding for land and water conservation and helping veterans obtain health care.

He's also been a leader on the Foreign Relations Committee, opposing the Obama Iran deal, holding North Korea accountable, and introducing bipartisan legislation to recognize and build on the accomplishments of the US-Israel economic partnership.

Gardner's Democrat opponent, former Governor and failed presidential candidate John Hickenlooper, has raised a lot of money to distract voters from Gardner’s record with a barrage of attack ads. But Hickenlooper's credibility is greatly diminished as a result of a recent ethics investigation that found him guilty of violating state rules governing the acceptance of private gifts.

Many of you met Senator Gardner when he attended the RJC's Leadership Meeting in Las Vegas or at other RJC events he's attended. If you have, you know that he is a mensch. We need more elected officials like Cory, a leader who can work across the aisle, takes foreign policy seriously, and is always grateful for the privilege of fighting for the people of his state.


The RJC PAC has endorsed Cory Gardner. You can help him win by clicking here to support his campaign.


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