South Carolina Senate Race: Lindsey Graham

As a close friend of Lindsey Graham who was sworn in alongside him in 2003, I'm proud of what a great Senator he has become. Now Lindsey is facing the toughest challenge of his career. Why? Because he's fought for us time after time.

Democrats vowed to get their revenge when Senator Graham led the successful charge to secure Brett Kavanaugh'sconfirmation to the Supreme Court. After former South Carolina Democratic Party Chairman Jamie Harrisonannounced his challenge, a flood of money from outside of South Carolina came pouring in to help him oust Lindsey. Lindsey is a formidable fundraiser, but during the second quarter of this year, Harrison outraised him by a significant amount.

Despite South Carolina's traditional GOP leanings, this is a real race. Two polls released this week show that the race is a statistical dead heat.

I am confident that in the end South Carolina voters will prefer a conservative Republican with an incredible record of service to a party-line Democrat. Consider the contrast on US-Israel relations. Graham wrote the Taylor Force Act and got it passed and signed into law. He chairs the key subcommittee responsible for funding the US-Israel security assistance Memorandum of Understanding. He's pushing for a US-Israel mutual defense pact. Harrison? He's proudly accepted an endorsement from the anti-Israel group J Street.

Finally, it is important to note that there has been no greater friend to the RJC than Lindsey Graham. He's spoken at our events frequently over the years and counts many of our leaders as personal friends. He's always been there for us. Now we have to come through in a big way for our valued friend and ally Senator Graham.


The RJC PAC has endorsed Lindsey Graham. You can help him win by clicking here to support his campaign.

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