Michigan Senate Race: John James

One of the few races where the GOP is on offense in this year's battle for the Senate is in Michigan. First-term Sen. Gary Peters enjoys the dubious distinction of being the Senator least known by his constituents. The minority of Michiganders who are familiar with Peters' record know that he is a party-line Democrat who has marched in lockstep with his party on impeachment, opposing tax relief, and supporting the Obama Iran deal. 

The Republican challenging Peters is John James, one of the most impressive candidates I've had the privilege of getting to know. James graduated West Point and went on to win multiple decorations as an Army aviation officer flying combat missions during the Iraq war. Later, he returned to Michigan and took over his family business, which he expanded, creating hundreds of jobs. 

Running as a veteran, businessman, and political outsider, James outperformed expectations in a 2018 race against long-time Sen. Debbie Stabenow. Now he's back to challenge "invisible" Sen. Peters. In a clear sign that his campaign is catching on, James has outraised Peters in every fundraising period since he entered the race. 

John James is just 39. If he wins this race, he'll become the second African American Republican in the Senate and a leading voice of a rising generation of Millennial Republicans. But winning the race won't be easy - recent polls show Peters with a small but consistent lead. In the weeks ahead, we must do everything we can to help John James close the gap and achieve an inspiring victory! 


The RJC PAC has endorsed John James. You can help him win by clicking here to support his campaign.

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