NC Senate Race Update: Thom Tillis

Back in July, in a "Notes from Norm" about the North Carolina Senate race, I discussed the contest pitting first-term incumbent Republican Senator Thom Tillis against Democrat Cal Cunningham. I said that this race was likely to come down to whether Tillis could convince voters that his opponent would be a liberal Schumer loyalist, despite his efforts to portray himself as a moderate.

Since then, more than one hundred million dollars have poured into the Tarheel State and the total is likely to surpass two hundred million. The watchdog web site Open Secrets predicts that the Tillis-Cunningham race will be most expensive Senate race in American history. The reason is simple: This is the race most likely to determine which party controls the Senate next year. 

Another consequential recent development was that Cunningham became embroiled in a sex scandal. As of this writing, it's too early to tell whether the damage to the Democrat's reputation will drag down his candidacy. For a candidate who has tried to run as a generic Democrat, it can't be helpful if the thing he's best known for is a negative.

The Cunningham news overshadowed Senator Tillis' successful fight against the coronavirus. But it should not be overlooked - Tillis is a fighter who proved his mettle in a close and expensive race in 2014. North Carolina is still a center-right state, and no one should bet against Thom Tillis.


The RJC PAC has endorsed Thom Tillis. You can help him win by clicking here to support his campaign.

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