The Outlook and the Stakes

Over the last few months, I've used this space to discuss the key races in - and the stakes of - the battle for the Senate. With just five days to go before Election Day, the battle has never been more intense, and the stakes have never been higher.

Recently, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell assessed the state of play and concluded that maintaining the Republican majority is a 50/50 proposition. The current GOP majority is 53 seats, and we expect to gain one in Alabama, where Tommy Tubervilleleads incumbent Doug Jones. Less encouragingly, GOP incumbents in Arizona, Colorado, and Maine are behind in the RealClearPolitics average of polls, and Sen. Thom Tillis and Sen. Joni Ernst trail narrowly in North Carolina and Iowa as well. 

On Election Night, we'll also be closely tracking races that are close, but with an apparent edge to the party currently holding the seat - for the Democrats, that’s Gary Peters in Michigan and for the GOP, it’s Steve Daines in Montana, David Perdue in Georgia, and Lindsey Graham in South Carolina. Dan Sullivanin Alaska, John Cornyn in Texas, and Rep. Roger Marshallseeking the open seat in Kansas will only be in danger if Democrats significantly outperform expectations.

Remember that the battle for the Senate could go into 'overtime,' with control of the chamber determined by the outcome of January run-off elections that are expected in two Georgia races: Perdue's showdown with Jon Ossoff and the special election to fill the remaining portion of retired Sen. Johnny Isakson's term.

When I say the stakes in the fight for the Senate could not be higher, I mean the stakes for our country, for our party, and for the Jewish people. Especially if Democrats are able to win the presidency and hold the House, a GOP Senate could be the only brake on the ambitions of an increasingly radical Left. And an all-Democrat federal government is a clear threat to the hard-won gains of the last four years: the Iran maximum pressure policy, the peace treaties between Israel and Arab neighbors, the Taylor Force Act's restrictions on aid to terrorist murderers, and the relocation of the American Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.

That's why I'm so proud of the extraordinary effort RJC and its members have made to win this fight. GOP Senators know that the Republican Jewish Coalition punches far above its weight in terms of financial and grassroots impact - and they are grateful. We need to maintain that all-out push for just a few more days and pray that the result we've been working toward is achieved next Tuesday.


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