"Tremendous Impact" - How We Did It

The RJC had a tremendous impact on the Jewish vote in key battleground states, according to RJC Executive Director Matt Brooks. Here's how we did it:


67 Virtual National Days of Action – targeting Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania

2,075 National Victory Team volunteers recruited (compared to 1,000 in 2016)

551,402 National Jewish outreach calls made (to identify, persuade, and turn out voters for absentee ballot, early voting, and in-person voting in our targeted states. (AZ/FL/GA/MI/OH/PA)

(Florida: 254,529 calls; Pennsylvania: 145,472 calls)

144,271 National Jewish outreach peer-to-peer Get-Out-The-Vote (GOTV) texts sent – targeting AZ/FL/GA/MI/OH/PA

(Florida: 73,775 texts; Pennsylvania: 26,617)

204,225 National Jewish outreach emails sent (GOTV) - targeting AZ/FL/GA/MI/OH/PA

TOTAL national grassroots touches (not including direct mail): 899,898 

(Direct mail: ~500,000 pieces sent, ~250,000 to Florida)


How do we know that our efforts were effective? Here's one reason:

In Florida, where the RJC invested over $5 million targeting Jewish voters, and in which we had the most sophisticated outreach ever undertaken in the Jewish community, the New York Times/AP poll shows that the Jewish vote outperformed the national numbers, with 41% of the Jewish vote going to President Trump, an historic record.

There is no doubt that in this election, when Donald Trump won in the key battleground state of Florida by fewer than three points, the Jewish vote was critical to his victory.