David Friedman

Board of Directors

As US ambassador to Israel, David Friedman was instrumental in strengthening the US-Israel relationship under President Donald Trump, including overseeing the move of the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and achieving US recognition of Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights. He was also a leading member of the Trump administration team that developed the historic Abraham Accords and brought that ambitious policy to fruition. 

In each of the past 5 years, Ambassador Friedman was recognized by The Jerusalem Post as one of the 50 most influential Jews in the world. The JTA recognized Ambassador Friedman as one of the 20 most important Jewish leaders of the past decade. Ambassador Friedman was awarded the National Security Medal in 2020 and nominated that year for a Nobel Peace Prize.

Ambassador Friedman has continued and expanded his efforts in support of strengthening US-Israel relations and  normalizing relations between Israel and the Arab world with the establishment of "The Friedman Center for Peace through Strength."