HaModia Interviews Phil Rosen

The HaModia newspaper published an interview with RJC Board of Directors member J. Philip Rosen of New York. It begins:


HE’S THE MOST INFLUENTIAL MAN YOU’VE NEVER HEARD OF. But for a generation, Philip Rosen, a New York-based real estate attorney, has traveled the globe seeking Oriental markets for Israel’s growing economy and has educated Republican presidents and senators on the nuances of Israel policy.

In an exclusive interview with Hamodia, Rosen, 58, opened up on a poignant conversation that brought President George W. Bush to tears, his father’s social club in wartime Shanghai, a memorable shalosh seudos with Prime Minister Menachem Begin, and conversations with Arab sheiks and industry captains in the heady post-Oslo days. But, alas, much of his work must remain hidden, awaiting a memoir or future biographer to unveil the behind-the-scenes work he does...

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Copyright 2015 Hamodia. This article was published in print only and appeared in the July 8, 2015 edition of Hamodia.