Subhead Introducing Policy

  • Strengthen/Oppose lifting of or circumvention of Iran sanctions
    • HR 733 Stop Evasion of Iran Sanctions Act
    • HR 819 Stop Corrupt Iranian Oligarchs and Entities Act
    • HR 857 Iranian Arms Transfer Prevention Act
    • HR 901 No Sanctions Relief for Terrorists Act
    • HR 1699/S. 488 Iran Sanctions Relief Review Act
    • HR 1231 Constraining Human Rights Offenders in the Middle East Act
    • H. Res. 157/S. Res. 72, Opposing the lifting of sanctions imposed with respect to Iran without addressing the full scope of Iran’s malign activities
    • HR 2117 Iran Human Rights and Accountability Act
    • HR 2718 Maximum Pressure Act
  • Insist new Iran deal be considered as treaty or failing that, under Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act procedures
    • HR 1479/S. 1205 Iran Nuclear Deal Advice and Consent Act