Jewish Organizations Are Gearing Up As Midterm Elections Nears

By Omri Nahmias, Jerusalem Post

...The Republican Jewish Coalition has endorsed 20 members to date – two senators (Marco Rubio in Florida and Ron Johnson in Wisconsin), 14 members of the House and four House candidates.

“In 2020, RJC made a significant impact in highly competitive races across the country, with RJC PAC raising over $10m. for our endorsed House and Senate candidates,” said Sam Markstein, the coalition’s national political director.

RJC’s current and future endorsees in the 2022 Biden midterms are at the center of the political battlefield, and their races will determine control of both chambers of Congress this November, he said. “RJC is laser-focused on continuing to play a major role in helping the GOP retake majorities in the House and Senate, to fix all the crises caused by the Democrats – from skyrocketing inflation, to rising crime, and fecklessness on the world stage.”

“In the key battleground state of Florida, RJC is proud to have endorsed Sen. Marco Rubio for reelection in 2022,” Markstein continued.

“In a state that is famous for close elections, and where the Jewish community makes up roughly 3%-4% of the statewide vote, any shift towards the GOP makes a meaningful difference,” he said.

“The voting trends are undeniable, and incredibly promising for Republicans: in 2020, President Trump received a record-breaking level of support in Florida’s Jewish community– 43%, according to exit polls from the Associated Press/New York Times.

“The erosion of Jewish voters’ support for Democrats in Florida – and across the country – bodes very well for Senator Rubio and other Republicans as we work to take back the House and Senate this November.”


This article appeared on the Jerusalem Post website on April 23, 2022.