Ossoff and Warnock Campaign with Anti-Israel Congressman

Washington, DC – Today, during the Jewish Sabbath, Democrats Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff campaigned with anti-Israel, Democrat Congressman Hank Johnson (D-GA-4). The Republican Jewish Coalition released the following statement from Executive Director Matt Brooks:

Hank Johnson, Jon Ossoff’s mentor and former boss, enjoys referring to Israelis as "termites." He used the phrase when speaking to the group called Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation – a group that supports the antisemitic BDS movement. That Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff rely on Johnson to boost their campaigns is a direct endorsement of Johnson’s bigoted statements about the citizens of the only Jewish country in the world. Calling Jews “termites” is dehumanizing and on par with the propaganda that the Nazi regime used to desensitize the German people to the eventual Holocaust.

Johnson’s use of "termite" is so troubling that the RJC made it a central point of a national ad campaign in 2016 to highlight the growing anti-Israel sentiment in the Democrat Party. This also isn’t an isolated incident. Much like Nazis and other regimes who have sought to rid the world of Jews, Johnson has accused Jews of stealing. He accused individual Israelis of simply walking into Palestinian homes and stealing those homes with impunity. That is an absolute lie, and as a Member of Congress, Johnson knows it’s a lie. 

Jon Ossoff certainly knows what Johnson has said about Jews from Israel, and Raphael Warnock either knows, or is being purposefully ignorant. The Jewish community deserves to know who Ossoff and Warnock will stand with. Today it became even more clear that they will stand with the large anti-Israel contingent of the Democrat Party, ensuring that they will not stand with our Jewish brothers and sisters in Israel.