President Trump Deports Nazi War Criminal

Another win for the American People

Today the Republican Jewish Coalition released the following statement from Executive Director, Matt Brooks:

Today we thank President Trump for prioritizing and successfully deporting Nazi war criminal, Jakiw Palij. Where other administrations had tried, President Trump, through diplomacy with our European allies, was able to arrange for the deportation of Palij to Germany. We also thank the US Ambassador to Germany, Richard Grenell, and the hard-working people at the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency for their roles in removing this monster from our country.

Evidence shows that Palij participated in the Nazi plan to murder all of the Jews in Poland. He served as a guard at Trawniki Labor Camp where, in a single day, 6,000 Jewish children, women, and men were murdered. Palij should have faced the consequences of his war crimes decades ago. We commend President Trump for fulfilling America’s promise to the victims of the Holocaust by ensuring that Palij will never walk on American soil again.