RJC Response To Clinton's Misleading Comments On The Iran Nuclear Deal

Washington, D.C. – The Republican Jewish Coalition released the following statement from Executive Director Matt Brooks in response to Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine’s ludicrous and misleading comments on the Iran nuclear deal:

“Clearly Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine haven’t been paying attention. This dangerous deal with Iran will not stop Iran’s nuclear program, but instead paves the way to the future development of a bomb. The fact that Hillary Clinton doesn’t understand this shows just how troubling her worldview is. 
“In only the last few months we’ve learned of shocking concessions to the Iranians that allow exemptions on the levels of enriched uranium they may keep, an earlier start date on building out their enrichment holdings, and $1.7 billion in funding that can go straight to supporting terrorist activities around the world. Clinton-Kaine’s continued support for this deal, in the face of everything we now know, shows how naive and dangerous their policies are.