Richard Sherman

Board of Directors

Dr. Richard Sherman recently won re-election to his second two-year term as Chairman of the Los Angele County Republican Party (LAGOP) For many years Richard has been an active political grassroots leader and has worked on a number of national, state, and local races including precinct walking for his daughter Alicia, who is now Mayor Pro Tem of the City of Calabasas. He has been actively involved in the RJC since 2000 and has served on the RJC’s Board of Directors since 2010.

Richard is a clinical and consulting psychologist (mostly retired). He has also served as President of the California Board of Psychology, President of the California Psychological Association, and President of the Los Angeles County Psychological Association. He lives in Calabasas, CA with his wife, Judy. He is most proud of his family, which includes two adult daughters, their husbands, and four grandchildren.