RJC: Americans Saw the Real Romney Last Night

Washington, D.C. (October 4, 2012) -- The Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC) responded today to the first presidential debate of 2012. RJC Executive Director Matt Brooks said:

“Mitt Romney took control of the first debate and won it handily on both substance and style.

“Last night Americans saw the real Mitt Romney - not the caricature of the attack ads and biased media reports. They saw Romney in command of the facts, secure in his principles, and demonstrating the leadership and competence that have been missing in the White House for nearly four years.

“Romney made his case effectively on taxes, jobs, protecting the middle class, and health care. But he also gave voice to the enduring values of America, showed how far we have strayed from them under the Obama administration, and pledged to turn America back onto the path of economic growth and opportunity for all."