RJC Announces Significant Independent Expenditure in NY-3 in Support of Former Israel Defense Forces Soldier Mazi Pilip

Washington, DC - The Republican Jewish Coalition Victory Fund announced a significant independent expenditure in support of Jewish-American congressional candidate Mazi Pilip, consisting of hyper-targeted direct mail, hard-hitting digital ads, and a robust grassroots field operation to turn out Jewish voters in the special election race for New York’s 3rd district. This is in addition to the tens of thousands of dollars already raised by RJC members in direct support of Mazi’s campaign.

RJC Executive Director Matt Brooks said:

With less than one month left before Election Day, Mazi Pilip has all the momentum in the NY-3 special election race.

Mazi Pilip is a young, dynamic, proud Jewish-American leader who will tackle the tough problems plaguing New York and our country.

The failed record of New York Democrats has resulted in spiking antisemitism, rising crime, skyrocketing costs of living, and an immigration crisis that is overwhelming and crippling towns and cities.

Long Island’s North Shore deserves a representative in Congress as good as its people - not a career politician like Tom Suozzi. Suozzi raised property taxes while getting a pay raise, said “Not many people care about Israel” in a recent media interview, and is in lockstep with New York City Mayor Eric Adams, who supported putting a freeze on hiring police officers and said his view on public safety aligned with those supporting weakened penalties for criminals.

The choice in this special election is clear, and RJC will make sure Jewish voters in NY-3 turn out in support of former Israel Defense Forces soldier Mazi Pilip, and reject the abysmal Eric Adams+Tom Suozzi agenda.