RJC Applauds Gov. Romney’s Decision to Visit Israel

Monday, July 02, 2012
By: RJC Press Office

July 2, 2012... The Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC) applauds Gov. Mitt Romney’s decision to visit Israel this summer and meet with Israeli leaders.

RJC Executive Director Matt Brooks said, “Having hosted Gov. Romney on a previous visit to Israel in 2007, the RJC knows firsthand how strong his commitment is to the Jewish homeland and we are thrilled that he will reinforce that commitment at this important time.”

Gov. Romney has visited Israel three times in the past. At the RJC’s Republican Presidential Candidates Forum in December 2011, Gov. Romney promised to travel to Israel on his first foreign trip as President. He said, “I will reaffirm as a vital national interest Israel’s existence as a Jewish state. I want the world to know that the bonds between Israel and the United States are unshakable.”

This upcoming visit to Israel illustrates once again the stark difference between Gov. Romney and Pres. Obama, who has yet to visit Israel during his term in office, despite having visited a number of nearby nations not friendly to Israel, including Turkey, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia.