RJC Applauds Nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to Supreme Court

Washington, DC (September 27, 2020) –– President Donald Trump has nominated federal appeals court judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court. RJC National Chairman Senator Norm Coleman commented:

Judge Amy Coney Barrett is a gifted and eminently qualified nominee to the Supreme Court of the United States. She is a former clerk for Justice Antonin Scalia and her views on the role of judges and on the respect due to legal text are in line with those that Justice Scalia expounded. She is widely acknowledged as a brilliant legal mind, and her students and colleagues have praised her integrity, her respect for others, and her commitment to the law. She is exactly the kind of principled and high-minded individual that we need on the Supreme Court of our day.

Judge Barrett was confirmed in a 55-43 vote by the Senate to serve on the US Court of Appeals in 2017. She has already been thoroughly vetted by the Senate and she is clearly qualified and prepared to fill this important role, as defined by the US Constitution. We look forward to the Senate swiftly acting on this nomination and confirming Judge Barrett.