RJC Applauds U.S. Withdrawal from UN Human Rights Council

Washington, D.C. – Today the United States will formally withdraw from the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC), an organization whose membership includes some of the most ruthless human rights violators, such as Qatar, Venezuela, and Cuba, and which seems to exist solely to malign Israel. The RJC released the following statement from National Chairman, Senator Norm Coleman:

We applaud the Trump Administration, and specifically Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and UN Ambassador Nikki Haley, for withdrawing the United States from the UNHRC. The UNHRC should stand for human rights around the globe. Instead, it has become a club for the worst of the worst human rights violators. Since its inception it has had a permanent agenda item to debate Israel’s ‘human rights abuses.’ The UNHRC has passed 78 resolutions condemning Israel, more than it has passed against all other countries combined. Israel, of course, is the only democracy in the Middle East and the only Middle Eastern country to guarantee freedom of religion, freedom of speech, and many other freedoms that are not protected in much of the world.

President Bush wisely withdrew the United States from the UNHRC during his tenure. President Obama made a foolish mistake by rejoining. We praise President Trump for fixing yet another grave mistake by President Obama and for standing up for Israel in the international arena.